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    I'm going to throw this out & see what comes back. It may have been addressed on these boards before but being new I don't know. Does anyone have an idea why the IBT has never locked horns with FedEx and tried to make them union shops?? Second question: do you think the long drawn out affair with Overnite has anything to do with it? I honestly don't know & just wondering. Hope I don't flare anyone up too badly. LOL CoolHand
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    From what I understand and speaking with a few drivers, Fed Ex pays their employees a decent
    wage. They don't make near the hourly rate a UPS driver makes but they make a decent wage. They also have a bonus program in place, not sure on the specifics but I think it works out pretty good for the employee. The fringe benefit package is good as well. Fed Ex drivers can transfer anywhere which I think is a big plus.

    Will the Teamsters organize Fed Ex someday? Only time will tell. The Teamsters have been trying for a long time to do so.
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    I saved the following information from a post on this board. The thread appeared a few months ago:

    Another hope of labor is that a victory would encourage workers at Federal Express and other shippers to think that a union could help them. A big obstacle to organizing Federal Express, however, is its successful lobbying last year to be placed under the Railway Labor Act, instead of the National Labor Relations Act.

    Under the railway act, which generally covers airlines and railroads, a union can organize workers only by having representation elections for all of a company's workers at once, instead of conducting separate elections at individual sites. It would be a tall order to organize Federal Express' 110,000 workers all at once.
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    FedEx has made what could in time be a fatal error. Within the last year FedEx brought it's various freight companies in house under the FedEx name (FedEx Freight) and the growing segment of the ground business is pulling this company away from it's primary core of express business that made it possible to come under the Railway Act. At a recent union meeting, I had a long discussion with one of our local officials on this matter and without going into details I was encouraged by what was said. All UPS Teamsters should start raising this issue more and more so that the International will know it is important to us. Also, any UPS Teamster having any interaction with a FedExer should take a moment to talk about the union with them. A unionized FedEx would level the playing field for sure but also be a big influx of funds to the pension plans. JMO.
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    I know my local(177) was talking about going after
    FedEx prior to the contract talk's starting. I've spoken to a few FedEx drivers out there and they sound like they are in the same boat as us, just less pay.
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    Hey trouble, how is John ********* (deleted) doing? Is he still working out of the Bound Brook Bld? I know the local made him take down his website.
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    Haven't spoken to John in a while. I'll see him at the next union meeting...I hope. I do miss that web site of his!!!
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    Sorry about posting the full name, Cheryl, I wasnt thinking.
    Ya Trouble, I miss that website as well.