Ideas needed for NDA 10:30 commits

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  1. DS

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    At our hub we have 2 commit times,domestic express is 10:30,int'l is 12 noon.
    All express is supposed to be loaded at the front of the car.We do not have PAS or EDD so its basically up to the preload to insure the commits are segregated
    correctly.We have a new center manager that is coming down hard on drivers who have late air.Heres an example of what happens all too often.I get to my area at around 9:40 am with 7 or 8- 10:30 commits and finish them around 10:15.I now have 15 noon commits to deal with and a few bulk stops with 50+ pkgs.I start to deliver my 12:00 deliveries and all goes well until I get to that home depot stop that is loaded at the back with 65 pieces only to find a domestic express at the bottom of the pile.(this happened to me Thursday)

    Since preload is never held accountable,our center manager says it's up to us drivers to go through our loads at 10:15 in case there are any 10:30 commits buried in our load.This is often impossible with a car with 250-300 boxes crammed into it.

    We have a meeting tomorrow morning and I would appreciate any ideas any of you veteran drivers may have to solve this problem.In my opinion with all the technology at hand (we already have telematics) UPS should be able to tell us before we leave the bldg,exactly how many domestic and int'l commits we have and where they are going.As it is now it ends up being the drivers word against the preloaders,and the center manager seems to think we are just being irresponsible.

    Please,any advice to how any of you have dealt with this issue could help so I can have something to throw at the center manager tomorrow(besides my diad)
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My loader will only load any NDA for bulk stops in my RDR (WalMart and Sams)--all of the rest is left out and I will either put them in with their respective stops or will load in 1000 section. We have PAS/EDD so I compare what is in EDD to what I have in my hand to make sure I have and can get to all of my NDA.

    I would suggest that your loader either hold out all of your air, load it all in the 1000 section or tail load it. There has to be a way that you can both account for and access your air without having to dig through a 65 piece bulk stop.
  3. kingOFchester

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    Only a few drivers in our center have a steady loader......thanks to cut trips, split trips, and moving trucks to other belts......

    Preload is a joke. One loder is to short to reach the top shelf.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather. that case all NDA should then be PAL'd and loaded in the 1000 section to avoid confusion.
  5. toonertoo

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    It happened to me once, and it was an air loaded in a bulk stop where I am suppose to begin my route. But as the package Gods had 300 pkgs in my truck I could not get to the wheelwell. My loader puts all in section 1 so I can at least get to the air, but a different guy was helping and put it in the load. If you can do air and ground, you still have the option of it being in the front if you cant. Sometimes you cannot get to where they want you to start because of bulk.
    My suggestion is tell them at the meeting that all NDA should be in section one, to give you the flexibility of being able to do your job with no service failures. Elementary, I think.
  6. kingOFchester

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    Agree.....but our pre load is horrible at best.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    So what do they do with them?
  8. kingOFchester

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    They put it in a truck that will be in another town. They throw them on the floor. They put them in the cab. They seem to like to put the NDA envelope on the 1000 shelf behind the long flat box.
  9. scratch

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    DS doesn't have PAS/EDD, so he can't look at his DIAD to see what is supposed to be there. This sounds to me that this is a Preload problem because the commit packages need to be where the driver can see them before he leaves the building in order that he can make service on them.
  10. soberups

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    The underlying problem here is that the preload isnt segregating the committed packages.

    That is not your problem, it is managements problem. And the only way to make them correct their problem is to force them to deal with the consequences of it. It doesnt sound like your center manager has any intention of trying to solve the underlying problem, his only concern is to assign blame for it.

    One "solution" would be for you to unload your entire car onto the belt before you leave in the AM in order to search for any committed packages that preload failed to segregate. This will eliminate the problem of misloads entirely. Of course your AM time will be excessive, but that is an entirely different problem.

    If it were me, I would just do my best and if I found a misloaded NDA or Express I would just deliver it late and call it in. And if I were instructed to "go through" 250 or 300 pieces of bulk in order to search for commit packages, I would do it on the belt before I left or else I would just unload the entire car onto the ground and then spend half an hour reloading it. I am piad by the hour to work as directed, no matter how idiotic those directions might be.

    In any case, if you have documented the misload problem you are having, and documented your managements unwillingess or inability to correct the problem, any disciplinary action they tried to take against you would not be upheld at panel. Dont be intimidated, just do your job as instructed and let the chips fall where they may.
  11. 8Years2Go

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    Even with PAS/EDD our set has our loader put ALL NDA's under the belt in totes. I want to see and touch every one of them and match with entries in my DIAD before I leave the building. We actually have a good loader for the first time in years and he actually wants to learn!! He'll ask us what we want and he tries to do so. We have had NDA's sequenced up to 2999 and when you have loaders (not all but some) that are incapable of loading in sequential order you are asking for trouble.
  12. Re-Raise

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    Before we had PAS they left all the air out behind the car. No way would they load them even if it was for a bulk stop.

    It took 5 minutes at most for the driver to put them in the load and then we were responsible.
  13. rod

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    If the preload is hiding it on you I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. And if the center manager can't understand that then he is a real loser.
  14. bigbrownhen

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    Yep, before PAS and EDD, air was never put in the truck, left sitting out so driver could place it in. Only exception was over weights, they went on the back in the center if possible. Each pre-loader knew where to put them due to bulk stops and such. Sounds like there needs to be a re-vamp of how pre-load handles air.
  15. Random_Facts

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    Being a loader myself, you're supposed to put the boxes where ever the pal labels tells you. That being said, sometimes the NDA is located on the 7584 shelf, instead of the 1000 shelf. Only because that's where it was told to be placed. Usually you see that on a all residental truck. I've loaded the same driver for almost 4 years, communication is a big thing. Get to know your loader/driver it surely helps. Like stated above, some drivers want all NDA loaded in the back with the first stop going out such as RDL/RDR. etc etc.

    But the easy thing to do is grab a few totes in the beginning of the day, and just load all the air into those. That way life is easier on everyone. I used to not use the tote, but my cars are now getting extremely packed, and their is no way you're about to stack out 300 plus piece bulk stop just to please anyone. As they train you 'touching a box more than once you're probably doing something incorrect'.

    Anyway communcation is key, and if you can't walk down the center of the car, don't load the NDA just leave it out. simple as that!
  16. Omega man

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    It sounds like your manager is a typical clown. He has no viable solutions for the problem, only a desire to use drivers as his scapegoat. How can you possibly know how many airs you have or where they are loaded? Any operation that is not using PAS\EDD yet must segregate the commit time packages. If the manager will not work with you to solve HIS problem, report him to the 800 number for his unethical behavior.
  17. I've noticed our loaders have a printout of the NDA's - they then mark off the sheet of paper as they find the NDA's, leaving alll NDA's out of the truck for the driver to decide what to do with them and where he wants them: Tote up front or Tote in back or both. It all depends on the size of the NDA's and whether or not you have other grounds you can get off at the same time.
  18. Re-Raise

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    If they have a next day air printout they are on PAS/EDD. they should load them according to the pal label in that case.

    DS says his center isn't on EDD yet. In this case the driver needs to load them.
  19. stevetheupsguy

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    Sorry, couldn't see this.

    DS, I think the most effective way of knowing would be for your loader to leave all the NDA 10:30/12:00 commits outside for you to load. I also find it intriguing that you have telematics and don't have PAS.
  20. DS

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    Since we are not using EDD,there are NO pal labels,they do things the old fashioned way,load charts.