Ie data specialist position hourly rate????

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by morton590, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Hi i recently applied for an I.E. Data Specialist position. I was told it is hourly pay full-time 40 hours a week plus overtime. Does anyone know what an I.E. Data specialist pay per hour ????? It is job group 51
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    It is a range and you will be hired at the bottom of the range and work your way up in that range based on job evaluations.

    Expect $19 - $23 per hour based on the cost of living index for the location in which you are hired.

    Check out Glassdoor noting these are not "hire" rates but mature employee rates/salaries after being on the job for a while:

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    The cost of living index will be very low in India
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    It's hourly until they downsize you from the non-union position and then it pays zero.
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    Do you have the credentials for IE?
    If you think 1+1=3, your all set.
    Good luck!