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    Sorry Cheryl, but I have just about bitten my tongue in half at this point. If I get kicked off for flaming I don't even care. I realize we all have different view points and attitudes, but it would seem we are dealing with an individual here who probably has two teeth in his mouth and no concept of what a discussion is about. Hell, it's quite possible he is 15 years old. Sure sounds like it. Perhaps when he has to take a nap the adults can have a decent discussion. I will check in then. That's right Macafee, I am speaking of you. You are boring me.

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  2. archibald

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    I kinda have to back him up, I have a mental person in my family and I am startin to wonder if mcafee and him are also related! I would hope common sense would kick in sometime in his life.[​IMG]
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    Dammor has been the peace maker on this board. His post is a sure sign you have to tone it down some.
  4. hr

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    What if this is someone that is simply trying to disrupt the board and drive people away by being annoying? We need an ignore button!
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    "We need an ignore button!"

    Big time! Kill File needed!