I'm not a UPS emplyee but I need some help

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by rocktrnsd, Dec 31, 2010.

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    The last info at the top of the page says that you want us to hold the package and deliver at a later date. Is this what you want? The tracking is showing that the package was out for delivery Wednesday, a request was made to do a future attempt, and then the package was out for delivery yesterday too. This suggests that it wasn't pulled off the delivery truck yesterday morning. UPS has air only deliveries today. Its interesting to see the security checks by the government, it looks like Homeland Security is clamping down on any air freight. I don't see this much.
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    I'm betting it was coded incorrectly. It probably should have gone in as Emergency Conditions, Security Code Required, or a simple No One In.
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    Two days in a row it was delayed "by government agencies"??? Odd.

    AND no entry for fake "EC"???? Now we know this is not a real package!
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    Manifest states that it's 21.90 lbs. sounds like a real parcel to me.
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    Well I didnt request for a hold on the package I called UPS can they said that the agency requested a hold on my package? How can they do this is makes no sense
    I brought Fish gravel for my fish tank from amazon it makes no sense I was really upset thats why I came here to see if any of you have heard of this before.
  7. drewed

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    Could be imported fish gravel and they want to make sure its "clean" not carrying any bugs,eggs, plant matter from foreign places
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    I dont think so it came from the USA and its a popular gravel and they sell it at petco,but I want to know why they lied and said I requested a hold on the delivery when I did no such thing.
  9. drewed

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    Bud here's the deal we deliver 12 million packages, 400k employees and I'm guessing we do about 40 million scans a day. The difference in our system between a gov't hold and a customer reschedule hold could be 1 number..... mistakes happen
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    Yeah but it happened two days in a row while the package was out for delivery. Unless the government intercepted the truck while it was on route I dont see what happened or why.
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    Package probably busted open, spilled all over the package car. Driver probably thought it was crack cocaine. What color gravel did you order?
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    The package can be intercept by sending a message to the driver not to deliver the package.

    Do you live in a apartment or condo complex. The intercept might just be the fact that the driver counldn't get into your community or building or there was not a apt or condo number on the package. The second day could becasue the apt or condo number found by the UPS clerk doesn't exist or again couldn't get into the complex or building.

    I can't tell why it reads Pkg delay-add'l security check by gov't or other agency but I can tell you that the driver did not code the package that way we don't have that ability.

    If you would like more info you might want to call 1-800-pick-ups.
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    I called 1800 pick ups I live in a gated community I called the guard and they said that UPS never even came that day. There not apartments there separate houses. But I saw a driver yesterday in my complex and he said he never heard of anything like that before. I always used UPS and have never had a problem. I ordered 2 items on the same day and one item was shipped my Fedex and it came on time. I guess If I dont get my package on Monday I wont be using UPS anymore.
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    Exactly! We all know amazon and drugstore probably run neck and neck for worst packaging, and needing rewraps. As for damage inspections these are entered into the exception system as futures, with the 2 week maximum to complete said inspection. Then when you get into a "suspect" substance (that gravel usually turns POWDERY) you can all see where the government involvement, or at the very least LP, enters into the equation. Hopefully this all works out for you in the coming weeks as bid workers return to their assignments after this slow/off week.
  16. UPSGUY72

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    On monday call 1-800-pick-ups and tell them you need to talk to some at the local UPS building in your area.

    I think you will end up finding out that the package had something wrong with the address. Since you said that you talked to a driver in your complex. If that is the case you can thank the shipper not UPS. If this was the case and it got shipped FEDEX it would have got return to the sender becasue FEDEX doesn't look up bad addresses.
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    Well we have more than one driver in the complex but they said that the address was correct but they never attempted to deliver the package at all.
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    Domestic shipments do not have Commercial Invoices and COO are not applied to domestic shipments.

    That was the first thing I thought but when I saw it was a domestic shipment, I could think of no reason for the use of these codes.
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    Thanks if the package doesn't come tomorrow will ask them.
  20. over9five

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    And definitely post back what happens! Tell us if the box looks like it was opened, or damaged.
    Just curious....