I'm taking too many breaks!

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    I split up my 20 minute (that's what we get around here) into a variety of times. For example, I'll take a 5 minute break on my way down to my turn around...I will then split up the remaining 15 minutes in 5 minute increments. Those 5 minute nap breaks have helped me make it back to my domicile. I had a "virtual ride" and was told it was an unacceptable practice-and I was required to take my lunch at the UPS facility-problem is-I will not eat lunch in a locker room-don't like my food to smell like the crapper. Also, was told I was to punch out for break before driving under 2 miles to the place where I eat lunch-a DOT violation (driving a commercial vehicle without logging).

    My point is, I've been around long enough to do the right thing-follow DOT rules. Also, I must be getting to be a "lifer" as being told that I am the "least best" doesn't bother me at all,
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    Let me guess rushfan,A new center manager?
    This is just crap.As far as driving to a lunch area goes,
    just arrange your deliveries/pickups so you will end up nearer
    to your lunch spot.We only get a 10 min break,and I grab a coffee,
    2 min,,stop to buy lottery tickets,4 min,one more coffee and a pee,
    4 min.All precise in the diad when I take it.
    And we get a 50 min lunch that I break into 2.
    Tell them to discipline you and file,you'll win.
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    as package car drivers we are told (by contract) lunch must be taken on area, between the 3 and 5th hour, not at the end of the day back at the hub.
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    Yeah that's complete crap. Ask them to put that punch out instructions in writing so you can send it off to the DOT. You might try taking a 45 minute nap starting at your 4th hour and see if that is better than splitting up your naps/breaks into 5 min increments. That's what the FAA recommends for pilots and I've found it works great. Go an hour and you're groggy, 45 min and you'll be refreshed. Do you get an hour lunch or half hour? That's not very much break time for a 10 hour shift that's for sure.
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    Rush ............... How can you be "least best "" if I already am ??? I take a 5 min break on the road to get a coffee, then a fifteen later on, they haven't said a word, as long as the loads show up on time!!
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    Come July 1ST, it won't matter. You will have to take 30 minutes consecutively. You could split your break in half, but the 30 minutes--that will have to be taken in one block.