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    So I applied at FedEx Ground for a Maintenance position. I was called by a Maintenance Manager and had a phone interview. A few days after that I was called again and they scheduled an interview. I had the interview on Friday(which was two Maintenance Managers and HR) and was called on Monday to set up a time to tour the facility and take a drug test. I also received an email from HR about filling out an application. I guess it was so they would have my full birth date and my SSN for the background check. Does it sound like they're going to hire me or is this just some part of the process. Most of the time getting to the drug screen means you have the job but that's with other companies.
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    Welcome to FedEx Ground.
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    If being a regular employee for Ground is like Express then they'll do a background check that'll take awhile. From the start until you actually start working may take a couple of months. Good luck with it.
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    If their drug testing you your getting hired, believe the law actually says they must offer you the job before you submit to one. That and it costs a pretty penny im told and fedex is cheap, wouldnt do it unless they have too. I havent seen a random at my station other then cdl couriers in years. I bet 1/3 would fail one.... Some guys come in "pretty rough around the eyes" each morning lol... if there having you do the paperwork and spending this much time with you, its pretty certain your hired pending backround check/drug test. Congrats on the job, maintenance has gotta be better then driving/handling much less stressful.
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    Ain't no doubt about that.
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    Sounds to me like they're very interested in you. Drug Tests are usually the final step before the offer you the position. Good luck, and hopefully you'll get the job.
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    Thanks for the input, I have my tour tomorrow afternoon and should know something then. I don't have any violent crimes on my record so I should be fine there and haven't been into drugs since before my military days. Maintenance can be very very stressful, keep in mind that most of the time when something is down it's costing them money. I just hope FedEx has a good maintenance department, I have spent the past 4 years babysitting grown men and had to build my own parts crib.

    In general, does FedEx have a high turnover in management? From previous experience I have found that will determine just how stressful my job will be. I hate working at a place that's a stepping stone for upper management, seems like all you get is a guy/girl that wants to change something and all they end up doing is messing things up before they leave.
  8. I suggest applying at UPS...you'll be happier in the end.
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    If you don't mind slinging boxes for 5-10 years for less money.
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    I am brand new to this forum but it seems to me that there is a large cross section of UPS and FEDEX here, so let me ask a general question of the group if I may?! I was currently hired by FEDEX as a Ground delivery driver thru a temp agency and was told from the contractor at FEDEX that it was not a seasonal job. Is this now the way in which FEDEX finds it's new drivers? I was an Over The Road Trucker for years prior to this Career change. Please advise... All comments are respected.
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    I believe fedex uses 3rd party for all hiring now. Express used to have their own "recruiters", but several years ago I remember them all leaving/changing positions in company, offices emptied and changed for another departments use.
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    ty Lucho.
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    I remember getting paid if you brought in a buddy/referral and the employee lasted a year. Was a few hundred I believe been so long. It was pretty cool, the idea built a tight group of employees and the trust was there, they were your friends outside work as well. Used to be able to go to a recruiter with your buddies #, and your friend would be a courier next to you a month later. Now I wouldnt even know who to talk to about getting a good employee prospect a job. At ground I'd talk to the contractor ive heard, seems the most direct way to get hired but express who knows.


    I believe that the referral program has been gone for a llllllllooooooonnnnnnggggggg time. I made a pretty decent chunk of change off of it too, not including the bonus my Dad got when I got hired. That was back when FedEx was a better company to work for, when you could have pride in your employer now I'd almost rather my kids tell people I was a piano player in a whore house.