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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Random1234, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Random1234

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    Im a part time loader at ups and i came to work the other day i told my supervisors my mom was having surgery and i needed to get off early so i can drive her to the hospital i start at 5am and asked if i could get off at 7 cause i didn't want to call sick and miss the whole day since i already missed a day last week so the supervisors told me i couldn't leave because they were short staffed and to busy and said it was impossible for me to get off early so i just walked out the building and went home so im just wondering does that mean im fired or should i still go back to work the next day?
  2. cachsux

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    Sorry, that goes down as job abandonment and will most likely cost you a job. Get a hold of your union steward and maybe you can keep your position, maybe.

    The bad part for you is this. If you had prior knowledge of your moms operation you could have gone to management with it and they would have accommodated your needs. If it was an emergency you should have called in. But to just come in and go "By the way...." you leave them in a pinch. You could have gone to a manager and explained your case and while they prob would not have been happy you would have be allowed to leave. Just choosing to leave on your own drove a nail in your coffin.
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    Oh ok so wat happens now should i just nt show up anymore or call them or somthing ?
  4. Indecisi0n

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    I would just show up to work but be prepared to be told to leave and not come back.
  5. cachsux

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    Do you want to try and keep your job? If so get a hold of your steward and ,with him, management and see where you stand. You might be able to plead your case, you were worried about mom etc, and get by with a slap on the wrist.

    If you don`t care then give your sup a call and see about turning in your ID and close out your career with UPS.
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    This was only my 3rd week working so i doubt any of that will work

    UPSBOT When UPS Was Fun

    I would go to work tomorrow morning. Act as if nothing happened. If they are short people they will keep you. You really have nothing to lose.
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    Your history, I hope.
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    +1. HERE, we have such a high turnover rate they would keep you.
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    Damn, still no dislike button....
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    I want to know what you think would happen and what you think should happen? I just don't understand when people take matters into their own hands and then act non-chalant. I guess I was brought up differently.