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  1. Not so much if a question. Second year TCD here, brought me on in late June put me on another training route and did fine. Three days with sup and ran 30 under the rest of the Time, but being the TCD with the lowest seniority the bid driver took his route back after a few weeks. Since then I have been getting maybe 4 days a week running air and bulk that couldn't fit on other trucks. This is bitter sweet, because I know I'll miss these days come November. It does still suck not bringing in the fattys every Friday tho haha. What you guys think? Anyone else in the same boat ?
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    Is the bulk ground? If so make sure they pay you the TCD rate.

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    I had a peak during the recession that I got almost no ot. I mean my hours went down. I was under 45 most weeks.

    I thought come Xmas I would really miss the extra dough. Nope. Never missed a bill. Everyone got presents. Ill never forget all the extra time at home.
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    What TCD?
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    Temporary Cover Driver-----we call them casuals here. They are not guaranteed to work everyday and may or may not be guaranteed their 8 hours when they do work.
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    Casuals here too. We have summer casuals and peak. You can always pick them out because they are wearing pants in the summer.