In Need Of A Stewart On Are Reload

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ogrelord, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. ogrelord

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    it's been almost 4 years since are stewart left my building, and we have gone with out a stewart. i've talked to every last person in my local about myself becomming the new stewart and it's gotten us no where. my local say they have enough stewarts for the building (2 stewarts both are drivers). one stewart leaves before are shift starts, and the other has personal things and is not around all the time.

    Is there a way to make my local put a stewart on my shift?
  2. dragracer66

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    Really since you have two steward's and the union does'nt seem like your building need's anymore you can always hold a alternate steward election. That mean's if there is no other steward's around the company has to recognize you as the acting steward. Just have everybody do a hand's up election it's quick and simple. I have that now I have two outlying building's that I somtimes can't get too so my alternate's sit in for me and then report to me what happened. What is your postion with parcel? Any other question's just ask. Hope this was helpfull!!! :)
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    Dragracer...Good info, that seem's like the best way to go!! Hopefully they will take you up on your suggestion!!!
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    First of all. Don't ask someone to be a "stewart". The correct term is STEWARD.

    There is a HUGE difference. I think UPS did get into the passenger business a few years back. LOL!!!!

    Sorry I couldn't resist.