In these hard times, Michelle Bachmann...

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    Wouldn't it be cheaper to simply convert an examination room in to a nursery, complete with stuffed animals, and bring the pregnant woman who is considering an abortion in to this room in the hopes that she may change her mind?

    As the article states, the mandated tests that Bachman is proposing are medically unnecessary, invasive and rarely, if ever, change the woman's mind. The woman is already dealing with a myriad of emotions--do we really need to add guilt to that list? Do we really want to shame women in to carrying an unwanted child to term?

    I am pro-choice. I do not believe in abortion as simply another form of birth control but do believe that it should be an option available to women.
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    The jobs part was a joke...she's taking social politics too far when we need fiscal ideas and solutions, was the point :/
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    Sonograms may not be necessary but are a very good tool used by nearly all OBGYNs. I've heard the invasive argument before and just don't buy it. They run a little gizmo over what every area of the body they need to "see" and it produces an image on a screen. I've had sonograms run and they are hardly invasive. Specially since most expectant women have one for the doctor's benefit as a part of standard practice.

    I am not pro-choice because the choice is rarely used except for a form of birth control. If an abortion is needed for medical purposes, there really isn't that much of a choice. I dang sure do not want tax dollars paying for non-essential to life saving abortions. Yes I do consider abortions as taking a life.
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    Some can be invasive depending on what is being done...........The ones we see on the medical dramas are just something rubbed on your tummy.

    A transvaginal ultrasound, also called transvaginal sonogram (TVS), is an ultrasound that uses an internal probe, or transducer, that enters the vaginal cavity. Either a radiology technician or physician performs the test, and a radiologist interprets the results

    Read more:
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    Yea, that would be invasive. Is that the type that Bachmann is proposing? I've never heard of that one before. I don't know about the medical dramas but I do know what they did on my neck and on my daughters tummy and they were not invasive.
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    My daughter has had a couple of the invasive ones done recently because of ovarian's a diagnostic step .

    This is what the article said.....

    ....."If the woman is between four and five weeks pregnant, the doctor has to perform a "transvaginal ultrasound" in order to hear the heartbeat, which involves a probe and can be physically uncomfortable for the woman................"

    That's the invasive one!
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    Either way. its that time again (every 4 years) for the republicans to take out abortion out of the closet and throw it out there and parade on it. Bachmans desperation move with this bill not only ties up congress with unnecessary debate on something that has NO CHANCE of clearing the senate or getting Obamas signature on it shows her LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of this countries woes.

    Wheres her jobs bill? Wheres her bill to create employment opportunities?

    Why is she campaigning on the house floor with bills just to get air time?

    Why is she a garbage pail of ideas?

    Goes to show, she has nothing to offer the country in leadership.

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    she is a crazy woman
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    Bachmann has gone off the deep end with this proposal...........just as batty as Perry wanting to give shots to all young girls...............she wants to mandate an invasive procedure too, yet she gave him hell for doing the same.
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    It's simple, since she can't have the citizens to pay for her campaigning with tax dollars, she's doing it on the house floor. Her plan for the sonogram is to let the public know her stance on abortion. I'm sure she knows a bill like this has no chance of being passed and signed until after the election and only then if 0bama is replaced. She's in campaign mode just like zer0.
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    do not like the bill she is proposing. Why is your president using our tax dollars to promote a jobs bill, that many/most/(or they would have voted already) dont want. He is using this as a campaign mode. its not about a jobs bill its about him.
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    It's a stimulus bill called a "job's bill".
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    You'd be crazy too if you found out your husband was gay.
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    Personally, I think her sky-god beliefs are a larger driver of that than a gay husband.
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    SHe knew he was gay when they married. It was the wounded bird syndrome...she thought she could "fix" him.

    He married her because he knew she was anti-gay and anti-gay rights and because he thought marrying her would make him outwardly straight.

    It's not at all surprising the kookie ideas she has been putting forward. When times are tough and people are out of jobs, and the campaign trail is getting hot and heavy, Michelle coaxes abortion candidates to do the WRONG thing for themselves, when they want to do the RIGHT thing for themselves.

    There is no end to the amount of power and influence people can force upon others.
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    What evidence do you have that he is gay and that she knew when they married? Or are you just making stuff up like TOS does?

    Who are you to decide what is wrong or right for other people? Adults that should know what causes babies and how to prevent that from happening? I'm sure Bachmann feels she is protecting the innocent without a voice. How can ending the life of a child be the right thing to do?
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    Because you are defining "the life of a child" in a manner that fits your arguement rather than the medically sanctioned definition. How can your arguement be anything more than frothy emotional appeal when it ignores the scientific and historical context of the debate?
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    A large body of research suggests that children in foster care are among the most at risk for poor life outcomes in American society. Adults who were formerly in foster care are more likely than the general population to be homeless, unprepared for employment and limited to low-skill jobs, and dependent on welfare or Medicaid. They are also more likely to be convicted of crimes and incarcerated, to succumb to drug and alcohol abuse, or to have poor physical or mental health. Women who have been in foster care experience higher rates of early pregnancy and may be more likely to see their own children placed in foster care and only 1 in 4 hold a highschool diploma.[7]