In Transit - Rescheduled... Why?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Manly5000, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Manly5000

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    Hello all,

    I paid a hefty fee to have my package shipped 2nd day air to be here by the weekend, and up until just now it showed On Time. Now all of the sudden it has been rescheduled a full 3 days later (Monday)! If I don't get it on time, my entire planned weekend is blown and that's not something I can get back regardless of any UPS refund.

    Here is the tracking number. It looks like it sat almost a full 24 hours doing nothing in Kansas, and I don't understand that or believe that's acceptable by any means on a 1 to 2 day airmail package.


    Despite it saying rescheduled, it looks like it is now en route to Louisville and I can't think of one good reason why it can't get on one of the multitude of flights that go to Detroit from there in the wee hours of the morning. Not only that, but why should I have to wait 3 extra days? If UPS screwed up shouldn't they at least give it to me on Saturday? I might as well have just payed for ground shipping and planned out a different weekend, too late now.

    What are the chances I'll get it on time, going by all the available information?

    Sorry if I seem to be ranting, but it's extremely frustrating to plan out a weekend with people and be reliant on a package being delivered on time, only to have it be delayed 3 days when there seems to be no reason why it should be. If it doesn't get here the whole thing is blown.

    Anyway, thanks guys. I appreciate your input and good night.
  2. Manly5000

    Manly5000 New Member

    Update --- Now in Louisville as of a few minutes ago. Is there any reason for me not to get this on time today (Friday)?
  3. brownrodster

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    I just tracked it and it says it will be delivered on time. Tomorrow.

    Don't even begin to make sense of UPS. Your head will explode. My head has already exploded an infinite number of times by virtue of my working here on a daily basis. UPS does not nor will it ever make sense.

    Wait patiently. You should recieve your package on the 24th.
  4. hondo

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    One possible reason for the "rescheduled" message, it might not have been scanned somewhere along the way, and the computers lost track of it. It still made its way to its next step, got scanned there and now its back in the system. In my current job assignment, I don't have a scanner, and given a choice between (a) moving the package along, or (b) having it sit only so we can provide tracking visibility, I keep 'em moving.
  5. Manly5000

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the input.

    Yeah it seems to be back on track. Here's keeping my fingers crossed!!

    Take care all.
  6. barnyard

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    So, instead of calling the 1-800 #, you registered, waited for your authorization email, then posted to a NON UPS site.

    Next time, save yourself some hassle and call 1-800-pick ups. I am pretty sure the number is on website you were using to track the package.
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    WOW! Good job br - Tell a customer that the company you work for makes your head explode and never makes any sense!!! During times like this, UPS needs all the goodwill the company can get. You had an opportunity to reassure a customer of UPS world class service and you BLEW IT!

    Why do you work at UPS anyway???? Or are you just a big ol troll?

    I get a lot of deliveries from UPS and occasionally the competition. You might say that I am biased, but other than FDX next day service, you can't touch UPS for reliability as well as overall service,quality and performance.

    The quality of our driver workforce is by far the best in the world. The transportation network is far superior to any...

    and then there are people like you....:knockedout:
  13. upssalesguy

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    Tracking Number: 1Z9V194E0298747901 Status: Delivered Delivered On: 07/24/2009 10:56 A.M. Location: SD DOOR Delivered To: WATERFORD, MI, US Shipped/Billed On: 07/22/2009 Type: Package Service: 2ND DAY AIR Weight: 4.00 Lbs Good work team.
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  16. tieguy

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    Tracked the package using internal ups systems that gives pretty good detail.

    There were no exceptions put on the package movement so the due date should not have changed.

    Not sure what you saw but the package never sat as long as you thought it did it was moving constantly.

    There is a routing indicator that is used with the feeder movements that basically defines the expected travel path of a feeder movement and the time in transit of that movement. My guess would be that someone in Kansas used an incorrect routing code for a particular feeder movement showing the change in due dates. It would then have corrected when the package arrrived at SDFAS and was physically linked to a different feeder movement.

    Sorry for the confusion. thanks for using UPS.
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    The 1 800 number is a freaking JOKE for Customers!!!!!! I have customers all the time saying they were Rude, didnt answer questions, an plan HANG up on them!!! WE are the BEST work force in the field lets fix problems at hand like the 1 800 number...... I wouldnt post this BUT tired of gived Customers my Centers phone number Cause of the 1 800!!!!!