IN what cycle are you IN ?


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Hello every one. new to here
I am driver for a 7 years, just bumped into this site recently
It seems that the attitude of center manager and his FT sups along with preload managers are a reflection of the district manager attitude. When the DM is demanding and strict every one else become alike. we will call this a DOWN CYCLE:mad: .When the DM is less demanding end easy going all the managers and soups reflect his attitude. This will call it a UP CYCLE:)

In what cycle are u in ?


golden ticket member are in the cycle where they forget to take you out and you begin turning sour & wrinkly !! Enjoy !


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Our center manager is an alright guy, but our DM seems to be a real ass. He left me alone the last time he was here, but he was on a buncha peoples cases and ended up making a few people quit becuse he was on them so much. He's allegedly coming by for another round so we started taking odds on how many people he'll run off this time.


we are in call in any pkgs missing from edd. (were a pas building). Dont work over 9.5 even if you have work off the two trips mgt :crying: cut. The best is we cant give you a personal day because we have to follow the contract.


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We are in the agitation cycle.
But at least I can punch out and go home, get yelled at in the am, and agitate some more.. some days just by showing up:lol: