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    Anyone seen any details on what is being offered by the Indy contract. Are they going to offer the contract nation wide? That's the only way I can see a UPS Freight contract working. I've been with Overnite/UPS Freight since 1990 and am pretty comfortable with the way thing are(Pretty much). I've heard rumors, but that is all.
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    Seems to me theres not much in the way of gains in this contract.
    Where were the hardcore negotiations people at.This is strictly give and take
    Just to get a foot in the door.
    union dues of 65.00
    lose 401k match
    milage increases up to 65 cents by 2013
    50 single 100 w/wife 200/family coverage not to increase over contract
    instant hourly wages.
    This is only to get the dock workers to see more hourly money and over step the drivers
    by greed alone getting them to sign.3 year sign up by terminal.
    Its give and take no real gain either way as I see it.
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    Union dues are less than $65, and as far as no real gain, you are wrong.

    Company going by it's own rules and not changing them to suit their needs.

    DELAY PAY and NO give up.

    Grievance process, job protection.

    Not getting bumped by Shiny Wheels.

    Get a look at the contract before you shoot it down. If you don't like it give it back to them to work on it some more. You don't HAVE to vote yes.
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    If enough cards are signed, there is NO VOTE for this contract, unless you are an Indianapolis employee. Once those folks in Indy decide they want the contract, then all other barns just go by card check. Talked to some folks who attended the "so called" tentative contract meeting and I was not impressed by the info they received. The Q and A session was NOT very informative and many questions where not heard nor answered.
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    That's what we call the "Teamster Two-Step." Hope you don't bore easily cause it won't be the last time you see it.
  9. Go away apwa! The game is over, you lost.
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    Article From a Union Member predicting what did happen to UPS Freight.
    (Teamsters got a foot in the door and thats all they wanted at Indy.The contract is sub-standard to a real Union contract)(also with UPS pulling out of central states with this jointly trusteed single-employer plan with the UPS could have been a better deal to get on board with) This contract will only cause UPS to use UPS Freight as a backdoor to UPS by shuffling frieght to UPS Freight.and dividing and pitting the two unions against each other.
    Remember the old saying "Divide and Conquer". UPS is'nt a fool they won't allow UPS Freight to organize nationally but will keep them divided as to keep infighting going from union to union and terminal to terminal as long as they can.Its time to organize nationally not locally.My slogan... ONE UNION,ONE CONTRACT!!!

    Will UPS Freight Deal Undercut Our Union?

    The Hoffa administration may make drastic concessions to UPS Freight management in exchange for a contract in Indianapolis and the right to organize the company nationally.

    In a recent report, International Rep and Hoffa Assistant Brad Slawson stated that the UPS Freight contract will not meet National Master Freight Agreement standards and will not be in the Central States pension or health and welfare funds. A deal could be cut as soon as June or July.

    The contract will be ratified by 130 Indy Teamsters, but will affect our whole union, posing clear dangers to freight Teamsters and the future of Teamster benefit plans. It is time for concerned Teamsters and officers to be heard. Many in the freight division are upset. Rather than just grumble, they should speak with a strong voice.

    UPS Freight (formerly Overnite) is our chief nonunion rival in the freight industry. We need to win a model contract there that will boost Teamster organizing efforts and stand as a solid precedent for the upcoming National Master Freight Agreement negotiations next year.

    That means winning strong wages, NMFA workplace protections and organizing UPS Freight workers into our Teamster funds.

    Strong Wages: A major goal in next year's freight negotiations is to win higher wages (freight Teamsters make $5 an hour less than UPS) and to eliminate the tiered wage structure that forces drivers to start at 75 percent of scale. We need to start by winning high wages at UPS Freight and a clause that guarantees that any wages or benefits won in the upcoming NMFA will be extended to UPS Freight.

    NMFA Standards: UPS management has a history of ruling the workplace with an iron hand. We need to win NMFA protections, nothing less-to protect UPS Freight Teamsters and to block Yellow-Roadway and ABF from demanding concessions in the NMFA.

    Teamster Pensions: The UPS Freight contract is an opportunity to win strong benefits for UPS Freight workers and to build up our Teamster pension funds by including a growing company. We need to build toward the future, not let UPS and UPS Freight opt out of Central States-especially with other employers like ABF looking to do the same.

    Our union represents 225,000 Teamsters at UPS. We've got the numbers, the bargaining power and the leverage. It's time to use it.

    Anything less than full NMFA is less than can be won and could undercut our union's standards in the industry. It could also undercut our ability to organize UPS Freight nationally.
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    UPS Freight employees now receive an improved health care plan with lower costs. Additionally they get a guarantee that there will be no increases in what they pay toward their plan during the term of the contract.

    The agreement reduces the cost of retiree health insurance for most retirees and freezes the rates for the term of the contract (5 years, 10 months).

    Employees won overtime after working 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. Previously in Indianapolis, UPS Freight employees had to work 43 hours a week to get overtime pay.

    Employees will be paid for all time spent in the service of their employer. They won paid Delay Time, where previously they received none.

    UPS Freight employees will lock in their current pension benefits.

    Employees won wage increases of $4.65 per hour over the term of the contract.

    In addition, Indianapolis UPS Freight employees won a lump sum payment of 50 cents per hour and 1.25 cents per mile, for every hour and every mile worked or driven from January 2007 to the date of contract ratification.

    Ninety percent of full-time UPS Freight employees holding bid jobs won minimum daily and 40-hour weekly guarantees.

    Casual employees won four-hour guarantees.

    Casual employees won health insurance and pension benefits.

    The company will pay for medical exams required by the government or the company.

    The agreement contains “Maintenance of Standards” language to protect existing practices.

    The company will provide equipment and assistance to employees to obtain a CDL.

    Casual employees, as well as full-time employees, are now covered under the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act).

    Employees are eligible to participate in the Teamsters National 401(k) plan.
  13. There will be a national card check agreement for UPS Freight. 50% +1 and the barn is union. One union for the whole UPS./
  14. I understand there will be a Book with everything in it to read before we sign, Like a Company hand book, if so every Question we have should be in black and white in that book of our Contract, if this is wrong please share information with me, Thanks