Information on a position? "Admin"/"Hazmat" (On Topic)

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    Aurwu How would I know?

    Let me know if this topic is unnecessary and I'll take it down no questions asked.

    I'm about as new as you can get to UPS - in fact I haven't been to orientation yet. I just want some help understanding a position I've heard about/been urged to try and get.

    My friend has told me about a position that they refer to as "admin"/"hazmat". From what I understand, it is mostly paper work. It makes $13/hour (compared to the $10.10 for a package handler), and is non-Union. I think I also heard him mention it's competitive? I do not think it is a desk job.

    He also told me that since I said I could lift 70lbs when I was asked at the interview, that I basically missed my chance at getting it and would have to re-apply if I wanted to try and get it??

    I have tried to find information on this position, but have come up with squat. All I have found is mention that the training for the position must be completed within 90 days of hiring. Honestly at this point I don't care about whether or not it would be possible to get the position (pretty sure the chances would be slim to begin with), I just want to know about it/not knowing what it is is killing me!

    For all I know this is all absolute BS and I'm being punked...

    I just really want to know what the aspects of this job are. So if anyone could enlighten me I would be super grateful!

    Note: I'm working at/talking about Worldport, IDK if it would have any special positions compared to other hubs.
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    Are you referring to an A.D.G.A? Air dangerous goods auditor ?