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    This may very well be the downfall of UPS. They can buy planes, trailers, tractors and package cars, they can even lease them to carry the volume but, how about the facilities to process the packages. Sure they have thrown a ton of money into Worldport and tech. In the meantime they have neglected the buildings. Sure, they have tried to modernize and improve but to what avail . Many of the facilities built in the boom of the '70's and '80's during U.S. expansion and prior to online shopping and and all the other tech improvements required during this time. How many of you saw trailers surrounding your building at peak that were unable to be processed. Let's face it, unless UPS starts to replace these 30, 40 and 50 yr old buildings with state of the art tech, with room to expand and the ability to improve the facilities as needed, the game is over.
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    Don't know if it's true but I heard they thought about expanding our center 20 or so years ago. Decided no it cost too much. Now just the safety improvements needed to bring the building up to code would cost way more than if they had just upgraded back then.

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    I just hope the next roof leak doesn't appear over my computer.
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    Our bldg. is 10-15 years old and while it is technologically up to date we have already outgrown it, especially on the metro sort. It is always an adventure trying to park your pkg car at the end of the day.
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    If they do, we lose jobs. New buildings have automated sort aisles. In my building that would mean about 30 sorter jobs.
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    As soon as they built it, it needed updating. They built a belt underneath the sort aisles that handles irregulars that cost them 5 million and it still really doesn't work well. Although I only spent a little over 2 years there, it was hell on earth. Yes, you guessed it, I'm speaking of the Meadowlands which was built in the early '80's.
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    Do you know of any employees that you have seen been permanently laid off at Ups because of tech. How many jobs were lost because drivers started to use a DIAD. Maybe a lot more pkgs would go to the correct belts. Ask the drivers that can remember using paper delivery records if they want to go back to them.
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    We were told that it is not economically feasible to expand our building. I suspect that there are many buildings that are in the same situation: built in the 70's-80's to what were then modern standards. If these buildings were expanded, bringing them up to where they need to be for 2014 standards would cost too much. There are other facilities that were built before a 53 ft trailer was thought of. Many of those buildings do not have enough real estate around them to expand.

    During the last stockholders conference call, UPS send they were increasing infrastructure spending and it is a lot of dough, but it does not say if that is on buildings, trucks or planes.

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    Every time we have a good wind storm, more vapor barrier foil collects in the corners from the ceiling.
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    I guess we got lucky they are expanding our hub
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    We have the same problem here.

    Our building was built in the late 70's.

    Our belt is 1 foot less wide than the IE standards dictate for flow, yet the sups require the PPH flow that the wider belts dictate. The loaders are constantly blown out.

    When I asked a IE guy about this, his reply was " Who told YOU about that?"

    Oh Well!
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    I'll go back to paper today! It would mean about 30 less stops and 100 less packages.
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    You would never get done with the amount of work today with paper. You would be out all night Imo.
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    If they don't care then I don't care.