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    I am in small sort and I am a sorter (meaning anything that is less than 10 lbs is what I am dealing with). I usually don't get injured but accidents happen, and knowing me it happens outside of work.

    I was taking my girlfriend home from the hospital and I fell and hurt my wrist on a Wednesday (after I left work early). On Thursday, I went to the Little Clinic, and they said it was sprained. I went to the hospital that night and X-rays confirmed the sprain. I was wrapped up in splint and sent home. On Friday, my full time boss sent me home when she saw the wrap on my hand.

    The next week I worked all of it because my full-time boss was not there (and I bagged which is easier on my wrist). There was some minor discomfort but that was it. The next Monday my boss sent me to the doctor to get cleared, and I was cleared because I had not been sorting and straining my hand. My wrist only hurts when I sort and I don't feel think it is fair to do something that might cause future strain on my wrist.

    When I get back they make me sort (because we "need" sorters). Now I know that since I was not injured at work, I can't go on disability (I really need the money) so I asked about me doing something else at work such as D-Bag (which is basically pushing boxes to the sorters, with less stress on my wrist). My boss said that "I can't have people request to work somewhere because they are injured (which I find funny because there are other people who have been there less time who complain about injuries and they are allowed to rack bags, get bags out of trucks or D-Bag). When I turn my wrist over (go from palms up to palms down) that is when there is the most pain. I was wondering if talking to a doctor might get me on some kind of restriction, or if my boss can put me on disability.
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    I doubt you will be put on disability for something like that. But a doctors note may do the trick. They can put you on TAW for the time being.
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    You need to get a medical evaluation. Since it did not happen on UPS property, that's something you're going to have deal with financially. When you're evaluated, you need to be clear what happened, when, where, why, how and say that you have a job at UPS in which you need a medical determination on the work you can perform. It needs to be in writing and you need to give that to your manager. They will decide how to adjust your role to fit the restrictions. Most such forms say that the restrictions are in place for all jobs the injured employee may have, inside or outside of UPS. You need to get on it and get it to your manager... now... yesterday! If the doctor determines you need to not work at all, that will not be UPS disability, that will be at best FMLA and time without pay.
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    If you cannot work at UPS I would think your state's disability law would apply.
  5. Dragon

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    No TAW for off the job injury.
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  6. PiedmontSteward

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    If you're put on restriction by a doctor, they don't have to let you work.

    They're probably making you sort because you give them the numbers they want. If your wrist is hurting, it'll hurt your numbers. If your numbers aren't so good, then they'll need to move you somewhere until you're recovered. Do the math.
  7. FrigidFTSup

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    Not officially. But if someone wants to work and there can be a reasonable accommodation I'll help.
  8. Austin.Was.My.Hero

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    Rub some dirt on it and toughen up, buttercup.
  9. Mugarolla

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    A lot of locals have pushed the issue and in these locals, UPS has to afford the same opportunity for TAW for those hurt off the job as those hurt on the job.

    Didn't the supreme court just rule against UPS in regards to pregnant workers and disabilty, light duty?
  10. Johney

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    Can't work TAW here with an off the job injury that I'm aware of.

  11. BigUnionGuy

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    Not necessarily....

    Section 2. Temporary Alternate Work

    "If either party wants to include non-work related injuries or illnesses under the TAW program the parties will meet and agree upon such amendment."

    It can be negotiated, locally.

  12. BigUnionGuy

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    That's cool.

    If you could just PM me.... your name and location, that would help.

  13. barnyard

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    For on off the job injury, an off the work job will get him/her sent home. UPS does not want people exasperating an off the job injury and turn it into a comp injury.
  14. Dr.Brown

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    wow, xray's can show a sprain?? or to see if nothings broken.

    here, with off the job injuries, you'll have to get a release from your DR. saying you're 100% then have to go to UPS Dr. to do a return to work physical.
  15. BigUnionGuy

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    Dr. Indecision....

    Could prescribe a cure, for a "sprained" wrist.
  16. Dr.Brown

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    800mg Ibuprofens along with a splint of some sort, defenitely some home rehap exercises ... no mention to work
  17. FrigidFTSup

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    Had a guy today with an injury that we allowed to work. Doctor says light duty, so light duty it is.
  18. atlastitan

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    um I was hurt off the job and i had disability paid. it was a back injury. physical therapists sent all my info to aetna tho.
  19. Wally

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    Who knew that there were other D-bags in the hub besides supervisors?