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    Hello all, first time posting.

    Last Thursday, after my preload shift, my foot started gradually hurting more and more throughout the day and I wasn't doing any physical exercise. Overnight, it became very painful and I noticed I could barely bend my toes. I decided to call off Friday morn (told 2 sups what was going on, once to call off and another one when I called at 9 for monday start time) and go to a Urgicare. Doc said it is probably a sprain, wrote me one week of light duty, some pain meds, ice it, and said if it hasn't improved in a week, see a specialist.

    So far they have been good with giving me light duty, but I think i need to see a specialist because it hasn't improved. How should I go about telling them or seeing another doctor and at least try to file workman's comp? I KNOW this is work related, wear-and-tear from coming down the step in package cars 1000 times/day, but I didnt file an injury report because it started gradually, after my shift. I just would like to know opinions on what I can expect, and whatever I can try to do to not pay the medical bills if this is more serious or just needs longer to heal...
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    Go to see an ORTHOPEDIC specialist,hopefully one that is surgically rated. They will perform the necessary tests to treat you and if needed place restrictions on your work duty. One reason you want an Ortho is the fact that their decision will override any general practitioner UPS may have you see.

    You do not need to ask/tell anyone at UPS that you are seeing this doctor until after your appointment and then you can take his results to UPS ad if needed be placed on TAW and/or then Work Comp.

    If they ask why you didn`t report it immediately because you thought it was just general soreness from doing the job. When the pain failed to dissipate you brought it to their attention. Review carefully any paperwork they may give and or ask you to sign.
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    I would be very careful going to any doctor on your own before calling in an injury, they will say it was not on the job and that you never reported it and they will deny the medical bills unless you can prove that it is work related!

    I would go to your sup and explain to them what you said n your post and have them report it as a work comp claim first. You will then have to go to the company quack first where he will tell you its a sprain and take some pills and relax and come back in a week.

    However work comp will allow $500 for a second opinion without a referal, you will have to let your work comp agent know that you wish to get a second opinion, then go to a reputable orthopedist!!
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    Consult an attorney asap.
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    I agree. Ask your local for a referral to an attorney who has dealt with UPS and worker's comp issues in the past. UPS will say it was not work related because you did not file an injury claim with them. Good luck with this. Let us know what happens.
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    well, I basically chose grgrcr88's option. Filed WC today and went to the "company quack". He said exactly the same thing and wants to see me again in a week. I'm not sure I want to resort to a lawyer yet, because it may still be a sprain, and I haven't needed any actual time off yet. I just didn't think a sprain impairs movement for so long? I still want to see an orthopedist, and I don't know what the best way of doing that is. I called my BA, waiting on a call back.
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    Trust me I was told I had a strian in my forearm and the UPS doctors kept me working insted of sending me to a hand specialist. Well now almost two years later I have had multiple surgires on my arm and can't lift more then 5-10 lbs with my bad arm.

    For me all would have been fine if I went to a specialist but because I didnt go till 5 month after my injury the damage to my nerves where to great to fix and now Im left with a worthless arm no money no job no nothing but pain.

    UPS docs dont know jack you have to tell them to send you to a specialist. PLZ go see a specialist its your right
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I agree that it is way too early to be even thinking about an attorney but also agree that you need to get a 2nd opinion, preferably from a specialist.
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    So do I just go on my own with no referral? What happens when I get the bill?

    Also, my steward told me Disability would cover my medical bills. Is this true?
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    WC should pay for everything. I saw 7 diffrent docs and had 2 surgries tons fo OT and PT meds ect ect and WC paid for it all. You have the right to a second opinion. The easy way is to simple ask the UPS docs to reffer you to a specialist for a second opinion.

    You can also call the evil people at GB who will most likely handle your claim and tell them you want a second opinion and ask them for a list of doc in thier network.

    Remember the doctors you go to for UPS are just generel med docs. They do not specialize in anything. I know when the guy in the white coat say your going to be fine you want to believe him but its better to be sure and see a real doc who specializes in the type of injury you have.

    Also you may want to do it fast I think u only get 1 month of light duty at UPS before they put you out on disability WC. Trust me you dont want that. I went from 500 a week to 420 every two weeks.

    A good person to talk to is a your local shop stewart. He will know your basic rights.

    If you see a specialist and they tell you that you may have a more serious problem you may want to ask GB for a nurse case manager. These can really speed up paperwork and they can help you get the best doctors and the best care

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the reply.
    The problem is, i'm going to have trouble proving this is work-related, as there is no specific injury, it just started giving me pain at home. if my WC is denied I am going to be stuck with probably thousands of dollars of bills even with insurance.

    What is GB?
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You do not have to have a specific injury date to qualify for comp. I had bilateral ulnar nerve release surgery on my elbows a few years ago and also did not think that it would qualify for comp but it was determined that it was due to repetitive motion and comp covered everything and I got paid $880 for the time that I was off (2 weeks). I did another 2 weeks of light duty and then was cleared to go back 100%.

    This is a great example why supplemental health insurance (Aflac/Combined) is something that I think we should all consider purchasing. It pays in addition to what comp pays and between the two I just about broke even.
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    Do NOT ask UPS to refer you to a specialist as they will send you to one with their best interests instead of yours. Look up Orthopedic specialists in your area,preferably one that is surgically qualified and handles WC cases. You do not need to get a referral and when you make the appointment let them know this is for a work related injury.
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    Take the earlier advice, consult an attorney, ASAP.
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    One problem you're going to run into is that repetitive motion injuries are usually not covered by workmens comp or disability.
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    That is not always true. I've had two comp specialist's treat me very well.
  17. Johney

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    That's why everyone should seek legal counsel when dealing with UPS and W/C.
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    And your wife!
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    Please explain:huh:
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    Sarcastic, smart ass humor requires no explanation.