Insurance for part time supervisors

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upswife, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. upswife

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    I posted a question about this a few weeks ago, but didn't hear too much back. Does anyone know how much a part time supervisor pays for insurance each month? Or each pay check? We still haven't received our insurance information and would like to do some budget planning. We'll be paying for insurance for my husband (part time supervisor) and myself.

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    Pretty sure it depends on what plan he selected. I think for me, it's like $15 a paycheck but I'm not looking at one right now to be certain. No more than that though. But it's also just me. No dependents. Again, it depends on what plan and who he lists as dependents (you, kids, etc).
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  4. upswife

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    Thanks. I'm thinking we'll probably go with the cheapest plan. Hope it doesn't totally wipe out the paycheck after taxes. :)
  5. drewed

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    the cheapest is zero cost, I pay 600 or so a yr ... the cheapest plan think 1500 deductable 60% coverage no lens or frame coverage... imgaine if you get an mri a few sets of xray and blood work done that 600 paid is better then having 1500 out of pocket then have less coverage on the back end
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    Are you saying you only paid 600$ in premiums all year? That's really good! What plan did you use?
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Keep in mind that drewed is single and his health care needs may not be nearly the same as those of a family. Don't skimp on health care coverage. I know, easy for me to say as I don't pay for coverage, but if you have a family with young children you will need adequate health coverage, if only for their well-baby visits.
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    Thanks. We'll just be paying for us though-no kids.
  9. UPSGUY72

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    Good advise

    My 2 year had his Tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday and had to spend the night in the hospital and it didn't cost my a dime.
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    You would think the HR department could give you the cost and choices prior to accepting a promotion. One of my P/T sups tried to get the same information prior to promotion, no info available. All she got was call the 800 number or go online after promotion. Good luck
  11. drewed

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    If he logs onto Upsers and goes to my health and career and look for medical benifietd .. one of the links there may lead to the knowledge you seek
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    you would think. :)
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    My husband used to be a part time sup and I think we paid around 45 a month and that was with him, 2 kids and myself. We had aetna health insurance. You can call 1-800-877-1508 and get info on it. This was the number we called when he was a part time sup. Or you can go to and see if it lets you look that way. Hope that helps.
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    hey thanks! That helps. I did find the benefits stuff on However the page with actual pricing was not available. I will just have to call. Thanks everyone!
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    You'd think, right? I was just offered a promotion to p/t sup and nobody in the hub, even HR (what exactly do they do?), knows the options available and what the cost is. I'd prefer to know before accepting, but it's almost like you have to accept before you can know. GRRRR!!!
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If your local HR is unable to help you may want to call your district or region HR--I would think that they would have the information that you are looking for.
  17. upswife

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    We did find the information online,( and I even called and talked to a few people who were all very nice and helpful. Here is what our options were:

    Employee plus spouse traditional plan: ~$140/ month, $500 deductible
    Employee plus spouse healthy savings plan: ~$10/month, $3,000 deductible.

    All preventitive dr.'s visits are covered. Those both are great options and we were able to pick one that fit our budget and needs.

    Hope this thread helps others looking for insurance answer for part time supervisors!