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    ok here's the deal im trying to find out what insurance is better to have/keep. i work p/t and cover driver with that insurance but at my full time job i have full benefits also. at my ft job everyone brags about how no other job can bet there this insurance, don't get me wrong having to forms of insurance is a plus but i could drop this one and have more money in my pocket and still be covered by ups.

    can anyone help on were to go to see how find out coverage, dedutible and so on ups covers
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    Ya, good luck with that :(

    As of now, the only thing you can try to compare your current plan to is this...

    From what I gather, thanks to obamacare, all insurance is, or soon will be, pretty much equal.

    So, instead of comparing coverage, perhaps you may want to pay more attention to your provider network and choose the plan that will allow you to keep your current doctor(s) - assuming you like your doctor and want to keep him.
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    Bet you can't beat the price you pay for vision, dental, and medical here at UPS, working part time.
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    And not knowing where you are doesn't help us help you. Some of the plans are different. But to pay nothing out of pocket for some damn good insurance......sounds like a good deal to me. And don't listen to your coworkers at your other job. Get the facts on both and see for yourself which is better.