Integrity Issue?????

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by fedxsux, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. fedxsux

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    Here is the scenerio.. Driver needed help with about 15 stops, but no oter driver was able to help. On-Car went to help with an hourly and took the stops, but instructed the driver to DR the packages in fear he wouldn't make eight hours!! Is this right?????
  2. rushfan

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    With having "8 hour planned day" being the flavor of the month, anything is possible.
    In our safety meeting, our sup told us if we have to make an extra attempt on packages, or drive in our area to make sure we have 8 hours, do it.
  3. xracer

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    wow, so many things wrong with both of those posts..
  4. speeddemon

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    Im not going to be dishonest for anyone. If he wants to be fired, let him. Allowances are a joke anyway.
  5. johnny

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    So the driver dr'd 15 stops in his/her board all at once? What happens when someone asks how did you deliver 15 stops in 3 minutes or less?
  6. fedxsux

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    So,what does the driver do?? He can't refuse, right??? It happened today with another driver!!
  7. xracer

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    You should refuse to allow the supervisor to perform hourly work, and the fact that you sheeted those stops in your diad makes you responsible for the delivery status of those packages should they turn up missing or misdelived and a claim placed on them. This process also seems as though it would falsely inflate your sporh which they may later use against you claiming that it is your best demonstrated performance and you should be able to duplicate this performance on a regular basis.
  8. fedxsux

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    That is exactly what I told the two drivers, but they are scared to Refuse to work as instructed. We thought about going after him for doing hourly work, but he has a utility part-timer hourly with him..
  9. xracer

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    Depending on how the language reads in your supplemental this supervisor may be within his boundries to perform this work as long as he has an hourly with him, but they should be sheeting these packages in their own Diad so the driver that they are relieving of the work is also relieved of the responsibility for these packages. jmho.
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    Two things here. If he has a part timer with him, that part timer should be generating a time card. How does he show that time? And the part timer, if indead he is paying him, should be the deliveryman of record, in fact the delivery man that actually delivers and sheets the package. Anything else is dishonest.

    IF a sup delivers by themselves, they must also generate a time card. If not, that is considered a dishonest act and they can be terminated.


    IT sounds like they are abusing part of the contract language.
  11. ups79

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    the supervisor does not want to fill out a new time card. if he did he then would have another man on the clock for that day. for ex. instead of the center showing 30 drivers, they would have to report 31.
  12. johnny

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    These drivers should get their union rep and tell the center manager what is happening.If only to have a witness to this activity.More than likely the manager will not burn his on-road but it may save the drivers @$$ down the road.
  13. dannyboy

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    In our district it a dishonest act if a sup goes out on road and delivers without an hourly with the sup, and not fill out a time card. Period.

    The reason there is no time card is not the time issue, the reason is that they then would have a paper trail for the union to prove they were out there delivering.

  14. johnny

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    "the supervisor does not want to fill out a new time card. if he did he then would have another man on the clock for that day. for ex. instead of the center showing 30 drivers, they would have to report 31"
    I think your right.
  15. proups

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    That seems to be the issue....not wanting to show another driver on the street.
  16. ok2bclever

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    So a supervisor is being dishonest with specific intent here regarding upper management, right?

    That supe is putting himself at risk as this is playing with numbers and management does get fired for that type of thing.

    As far as the driver sheeting the packages erroneously, I agree you are taking on responsibility for all those potential claims.

    Sure the chances are not high, but why take on the unnecessary risk, especially just to try to make upper management's silly manning decisions look right?!?

    There are certainly likely ethics and contractual violations drifting around in all of this.
  17. feguy

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    fedxsux:"That is exactly what I told the two drivers, but they are scared to Refuse to work as instructed."

    As well they should be. You can't grieve what hasn't happened. But you can be disciplined for, yup, you guessed it "failing to follow instructions" no matter how much you disagree with them. Always follow instructions, unless you are being put in unsafe situations, and then you file on the potential contract violation.
  18. over9five

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    I don't see how you can refuse to eneter info into your DIAD when instructed to by a sup.

    Meeting the next AM with center manager, steward, and BA?
  19. boswharfs

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    Another thought here. Ground packages are full time work. If a part timer is doing full time work he is entitled to top rate for the etire period of his shift. I am absolutely sure that this is the way it works for air drivers used for ground delivery. We have filed and won a couple thousand dollars worth of these grievences in the past 3 years. (to the point that they now pay the rate and don't make us force the issue.) Not positive if the contract is as clear with say preloaders but I would still grieve on the premise that ground delivery is full time work, and the driver is entitled to the overtime before the part-timer. Supervisor is just there for area knowledge.
  20. ok2bclever

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    I agree with FE, amazing in itself?!?

    However, was it actually an order or a request/suggestion?

    If I was given an order I thought was ethically questionable I would question it.

    Then, if it continued I would state that I thought it was unethical.

    If it continued, then I would question whether it was a direct order.

    If it was, I would put in the remarks column of every such package following direct order of (use the manager's initial).

    Then I would have a conversation with either his/her superior when I got back to the building or contact the numbers national UPS supplies each and every center just in case of local violations, whichever you think would be personally more affective and safe for you.