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    Born in a small Swiss town,he grew up with little, until his rich aunt rescued him and brought him to America.His parents each had 2 jobs,and having no friends was hard for him.He fought on and found his place in life.He was going to try to re-establish the honesty and integrity that shaped the beginnings of the united parcel service.He spent years relaying his concerns to his supervisors to no avail.But he finally struck oil when he found the browncafe,finally he can change the world.I took the time to find an avatar that would suit his more than worldly presence.:wink2:
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    I would have thought a suit with BS on it would have been more appropriate. :wink2:
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    this is more appropriate
  4. tieguy

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    If a pompus ass is your cup of tea then integrity is your superhero...:)
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    You guys are nuts! Integrity is the best. No matter what gets thrown at him, his replies are ALWAYS polite and professional (unlike some things that are said to him). Can't you see he's trying to help???

    Go Integrity!!!
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    LOL ok how about a polite and professional pompus ass?
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    I have to agree with over9 on this one, the guy takes a lot of guff, and never looses his cool. Years ago I had a supervisor for many years, and he was the best at this, guys could scream at him, belittle him, be rude and obnoxious, and this guy was just polite and cool as they come. Actually, I came to respect that, and, honestly, I have tried over the years to learn to react that way to things that happen at work. It's been a good thing.

    The big I isn't a buddy of mine or anything, but reading all of the posts related to him, I kind of wonder why everyone despises him so much. It seems that a lot of things he's supporting are the very issues that so many posters have been crying about for a long time.
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    problem is that for someone to push integrity, one must have it themselves.

    in many of his posts, the answers are so vague, that one would think that they are actually posted by a bot. you know, one of those artificial intelligence boxes.

    going by his posts, he first says he does not work for ups, but now he does?

    if it were not for the lies and other such crap, i would be totally for what he is trying to do.

    but my experience at ups has shown that when someone acts like he does, there is usually an ulterior motive for the actions.

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    Ds , how about this? . Ready for a combination of the origins of Dr. Manhattan, The Hulk, and Spiderman? Well strap on your seat belts, true believers, for here we go.

    Trapped inside a integral reactor* during a test run at a science demonstration , Peter Nobody undergoes a strange transformation in which he gains the incredible power of integrity. However, it goes to his head as he believes he is an integral part of UPS where he works. One day, he fails to stop a thief from walking out with an ipod in his underwear because "I have more integral things to do". That thief would later go on to kill his uncle Ben and Young Peter realized that with great integrity comes great responsibility. Thus was born: I-Man. 'Nuff said. Excelsior.

    *Editor's note : An Integral Fast Reactor (originally Advanced Liquid-Metal Reactor) is a design for a fast reactor (nuclear reactor using fast neutrons and no neutron moderator) distinguished by a nuclear fuel cycle using reprocessing via electrorefining at the reactor site itself.
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    Pickup, are you still without TV?
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    danny pretty much nails it.
  12. pickup

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    Yes!, and it is wonderful. :happy-very:
  13. Integrity

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    Dear tieguy,
    I am very sorry that I am coming across pompous. I am only trying to clearly state what the true standards and ideals of UPS are as they are stated in the UPS Charter, the current UPS Policy Book, and the Code of Business Conduct. Most of what I say is directly out of a UPS document of some kind however, I will try to me more careful with the words that I choose. Please forgive me if I offended you in any way.
  14. pickup

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    Don't take it badly, as tieguy feels about you, so does Lex Luthor feel about Superman.
  15. Integrity

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    Dear dannyboy,

    I don't know what lies you are refering to, but let me clarify any misunderstanding that may have come up as a result of the attempt to unmask Integrity.

    I will reveal exactly what I want to reveal, at the time and place of my choosing.

    If anyone is going to judge Integrity's integrity by the secrecy of his secret identity as a lack of integrity then that is a flaw in my mission I will have to live with.

    To clear up any misunderstanding, I offer the following statement for you and for all the Brown Cafe members who will read this post:

    I am Integrity. I exist in the forefront of all UPS standards and ideals. I am talked about a lot but I am seldom truly welcome at UPS. I am laughed at and scoffed, mocked and ridiculed. That doesn't change me, I am Integrity.

    Batman has Bruce Wayne, Spiderman has Peter Parker, Superman has Clark Kent and Integrity has "a mild manner UPS worker". This "mild mannered UPS worker" has been with UPS for 15-30 years. I have not and I will not give the specific years of service but you can be sure it falls within that range. I will not give any specific details as to the job that "the mild mannered UPS worker " holds for UPS. My secret identity must remain secret. I hope this doesn't prevent me from earning credibility here in the Brown Cafe Community, if it does, so be it.
  16. browned out

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    Integrity is a fictional, delusional and flexible attribute to a small percentage of employees of UPS. Some hourly and more management. Pick a more realistic avatar as these two opposite ends of the spectrum with interpret to their own benefit.
  17. dannyboy

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    dearest i

    the first thing you need to understand about ups is that one man can make a difference. there might be a price to pay, but regardless of that price, it is always the best to do the right thing in your life, and let the outcome be.

    second thing, at ups, there is no shortage of people that want to make it a better place to work. and ups has made huge strides in that sector. the job by its very nature is very demanding, and the majority of people that would love to earn the money, wont do the job needed for that money. fact. so if you really want change, networking is the best way.

    as has been mentioned, a network of safety committee members nation wide could get more things done than the lone committee at the center level.

    I have mentioned it here before to have a forum just for safety issues for safety team members, but i am sure that ups would attempt to squash the effort.

    but still, a multi pronged action is much more successful than just sniping from behind the tree.

  18. Integrity

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    Dear dannyboy,
    I agree with you.
    I have started a social group here on the Brown Cafe called employees4safetyIntegrity. It is my hope that it will someday be an "at large" and anonymous committee that forever seperates principles from personalities. Personal attacks and insults do nothing to better a situation. If anyone reading this would like to join just Private Message me.

  19. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND


    i have a problem with a total anonymous group where action and policy is gathered.

    in the past, there have been people that have been anonymous that have claimed to be much more than what they actually were. so you end up with bs and information that is not correct.

    what i would suggest is that while your/others anonymity is appropriate, perhaps we could get an unrelated third party to verify the claims made by those involved, so we actually know who (experience/expertise wise) we are talking to. that way, you get real input, real answers, and real experience in your brainstorming.

    there are many here that i have trusted with my personal information, and those people, including mods and cheryl, have never made any of this information available to ups or any other entity.

    one last thing. true leaders do not ask people to follow them, they lead by example. which kinda goes back to earlier threads?

  20. Integrity

    Integrity Binge Poster

    Dear Hoaxster,
    Do you view the standards and ideals in the UPS Charter, the UPS Policy Book and the UPS Code of Business Conduct as BS?