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    I am interning with UPS Corporate in Atlanta this summer. I heard that they are a pretty conservative company when it comes to dress, so I was wondering if anyone could give me more details on what to wear and what not to wear.

    PS. I am a female 21 years old

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    These are for females working in the Corporate Campus.
    Relaxed Business Attire Guidelines

    Relaxed business attire is appropriate any day of the week as your scheduled work activities permit.

    The term 'relaxed business attire' defines what UPS considers business-appropriate casual wear for our work environment. Because business casual can be interpreted in many different ways, using 'relaxed business attire' helps ensure we maintain a more professional look that reflects the reputation and credibility of our brand.

    Relaxed business attire should be neat, clean, and pressed. Examples of appropriate and inappropriate attire are available below to ensure we always present a professional image when choosing to wear relaxed business attire.

    • Business-appropriate skirt or pants, including pressed khakis and corduroys with a narrow wale (the wale is the width of the cord).
    • Belt, if belt loops are visible.
    • Blouse or shirt with sleeves, cap-sleeved, or sleeveless, including turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks.
    • Sweater, sweater vest, cardigan, or coordinating sweater set.
    • Tailored dress with sleeves, cap-sleeved, or sleeveless.
    • Appropriate shoes (hosiery optional).
      • Pumps, sling backs, business-appropriate flats, open-toe shoes, mules, and boots. (For safety reasons, open-toe shoes and mules are not permitted in operations).

    • Business-appropriate accessories (watches, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.).

    Sleeveless fashions are professional and acceptable for women at UPS.

    Sleeveless tops and dresses now are considered appropriate Flexible Business Attire. Women should use good business judgment when assembling their workplace wardrobe.

    This change brings additional options to consider when putting together your favorite pieces. See Related Files for sleeveless basics. Here are a few tips to get you started:

    Choose sleeveless, not strappy
    Flexible Business sleeveless should have shoulder seams no less than 2” in width. Collared blouses are good choices that maintain a professional look.

    Choose high-quality fabrics
    Look for nicer fabrics like silks or linen poly-blends that minimize show-through.

    Avoid being too casual
    Stay away from anything that looks like something you would wear to the beach or the gym.

    Avoid low-cut tops
    Sleeveless should not be revealing and undergarments should not be exposed. Select a size large enough to avoid having the fabric cling too tightly to the body.

    One last tip: Don’t forget grooming
    As always, maintain proper hygiene at work. Choose an appropriate clear deodorant that won’t leave streaks.

    Appropriate/Inappropriate Relaxed Business Attire Examples

    Warm weather may call for lighter attire, but avoid the following when it comes to your office wear:

    • Gauchos
    • Short skirts
    • Tank tops
    • Tropical print shirts
    • Sandals or flip-flops
    • Boat shoes or docksiders

    Remember, conservative dress helps us maintain a professional look that reflects the reputation and credibility of our brand.
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    A blue one, just don't keep it if it gets dirty.
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    Remember kids, while you're still out at 21:00, sweating' like a fat baby in a locked car, someone on payroll worked hard all day deciding coordinating sweater sets are okay,but gauchos, flip flops and tropical print shirts are not.
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  6. WTF is ia gaucho ?
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    Post pics of what you want to wear and I'll let you know if its okay.
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    A Chilean cowboy. Thanks, Anthony Bourdain!
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    Anthony Bourdain isn't a cowboy, he's a DB.
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    Underwear is optional.
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    Hot Pants and a Halter Top