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  1. Hermes

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    Hello, I am a part-time unloader in the north-east. I've been reading this forum on and off for a few months as I get more interested in different issues in the workplace. I have a few really great people at my hub who really take pride in their work, fight to do their job the right way, and look out for eachother. Without people like that I would have quit UPS long ago.

    This site also has been especially informative, so thanks to all who conribute.

    (Maybe someone could tell me why my posts are being moderated in the Union Issues forum? As far as I know I didn't break any rules.)
  2. DS

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    Thanks for the formal introduction.I can't see what posts you made that were moderated at all.
    Welcome to the browncafe.
  3. Hermes

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    Thanks DS, they are up now. I didn't mean they were altered in any way just that they needed to be approved I guess, no big deal. Was just wondering if this was due to being a new member or if there was another reason.
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    Are you the Hermes.....messenger of the gods OR Hermes, the French high fashion house ??
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    May I ask what state? Are you near Syracuse, NY? Welcome to BC. :)