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Welcome to reality, in many locals, and smaller centers.
That happened in the early 90’s.

Over the years, I have gained much experience about the realities of employment at UPS and much that goes with it.

During this time, I have also gained much experience about the realities of Teamsters membership and much that goes with it.
My husband is going thru this same scenario as we speak. No hes not stealing but he's under a magnifying glass & constantly harassed by supervisors to the point where he has been recording every Orion, diad, freeze (very constant) he's been there 15yrs & never been in trouble than Orion happened & his numbers don't match well everyone knows he can't be disciplined from telematics so he has observed them following him (sometimes 3 times in 1 week period) to try to catch him doing something wrong. He was 20 seconds late one day & that was warning letter (his own fault) but warning letter filed as "not following procedure" than he did not sheet a stop... no one does yet he was written up 4 it, but no other driver written up for same thing, also warning letter again "not following procedure" so his only 2 warning letters in 15 years & within 10 days of each other & mind u he asks what to do his shop steward replies "keep your head down & work your ass off but if try to grieve this then it will only make things worse for you" how does union shop steward not see something wrong there. So husband notices they following him again... multiple times And every day he gets called to the office questioning something he did to the day before For why he was paid over when Orion says he should have been done 2 and a 1/2 hours prior... I was his seasonal helper because I didn't believe him when he was telling me all the smile* that they do so I helped him and was floored at the way they treat him the language they use the messages they send And Orion Is absolutely wrong I ran my a** off to each delivery delivery and we were still paid over every day we couldn't even take bathroom breaks I had to p*** in a cup every day in the back of the truck So whoever is being followed in that post tell him to walk to their a** because he did something to p*** someone off