Is anybody getting ready for the coming financial/currency collapse?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Just_another_day_at_work, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if anybody here is getting ready for the coming financial collapse, which was postponed from 2008...
    If so, how.
  2. Jones

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    What should we be doing?
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    I thought it was postponed indefinite because it was going to be preempted by Dec. 21st 2012!

    I hate it when I get the wrong memo!
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    nothing, as much as the federal gov't and federal bank ( THE FED) and congress maintain the current level of ineptitude....they'll just keep muddling along, not do ENOUGH to bankrupt us.....however they won't do ANYTHING to allow us to prosper........therefore I think we're destined to the "status quo".........most will just keep their heads above water, a few will do quite well, and the rest will fall aside
  5. Not talking about the Mayans, :) talking about the numbers. Insolvent banks, 46 million on foodstamp, 15+ trillion debt, 700+ trillion in derivatives, central banks, eurozone crisis. Recovery?
  6. brown bomber I agree, the BIGGEST problem is the FED, it's the 20-21st century slavery by design. But to me it looks like they are committed to the end, which means maybe anarchy? I mean the MSM pushes this democrat republican issue, when we got our financial terrorists in US soil that will burn the place to the ground.
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    Turn off FOXED SPEWS dude. Get therapy to detox from GLEN BECK.

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    The rantings of a cable news junkie and right wing radio will never suffice for intelligence. Sorry Bub.

    No matter how prosperous you think we can make america, if the world collapses so DO WE. If you forgot, america COLLAPSED under GEORGE W. BUSH and we are recovering from that. Trillions of dollars in wealth down the drain after 8 years of the worst fiscal policy in the history of america.

    Change is happening, things are getting better in america, and they would be alot better if the republicans just got out of the way.

    BB, find a new source of information dude, youre doom and gloom has already come and gone. The EU is working on a plan and America is leading the way, as we always do.

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    Go drink your juice Bomb-A boy (how's it feel being a fully fledged Nazi Party member now that the NDAA passed?) because under certain economic conditions which are out there, it is very possible a currency collapse could occur. I don't see such collapse as a bad thing but then my perspectives are quite different than the rest of the crowd here. I'm also not convinced the situation is that out of control just yet (sadly I might add) and the oligarchy still have a number of tricks in their "carpet bags!" And no, I don't think your messiah is the one holding it together but rather he's just the latest puppet boy of the elite. Just as Bush Boy was and Daddy Bush before him with Bubba Boy slid in the middle. Besides, the currency in effect collapsed before and we got Bretton Woods and then it tanked again and Nixon closed the gold window for all time and we got the petro dollar so hold on, they got something to keep the scam going.

    And to "Just_Another_Day" you want to know how to prepare for the possible collapse? Seriously?

    Abandon the system and begin to operate outside of it. Here's one way

    And when you are ready, try here

    And then as you go, one day you may even decide to leave The Matrix altogether.
  10. I don't watch TV. And I don't favor Glen Beck(don't get into conclusions). The thing alone that the dollar is debt based currency is alone a guaranteed collapse, it lost 98 % of it's purchasing power since created, how long the other 2% will take? plus you got bubbles thanks to 0.5 % rate. But recommend
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    Don't worry with TOS. He just a moronic Obamaton whose purpose here is to entertain the moronic red staters. He serves as one of these to some of the others in the herd here!

  12. Thanks, but I already opted out, just asked if there are others who are awakening. I mean they passed NDAA, now trying SOPA, they know it's coming... Gun ownership at 20 year high. Financial bubbles are going to pop soon.
    Recommend V fro Vendetta for movie...
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    Don't know about you, but I've done quite well since the "financial collapse".....even though I've worked less hours, and have been on disability for the past 2 yrs., and since then have opted to retire.....I still support the same charitable causes, at an equal or greated daughters are attending college, and will graduate on time or early , without owing anything......I don't owe anybody, anything....and I don't expect anything in return
    I've done my homework "financially"......and I expect even greater returns in the upcoming year.....PAX
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  15. brown bomber

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    just wondering.......what is the plan for the EU ( European Union)......they're more screwed up than least here it's 2 factions DEMS vs. REPS........over their you've got over 2 dozen entities as members of the Union......with one of the largest (Great Britain) opting out, and Germany trying to impose a heavy hand on lesser members.......and in the mean time, nobody wants to take a haircut ( less entitlements).....the banks are totally in disarray......
    You say America is leading the way ??????? certainly not in Europe..............try as we may, maybe we should let a few members of the EU bankrupt might be a "buying opportunity":winnersmiley:
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    "..........Change is happening, things are getting better in america...." (TOS)

    The statement before the comma is absolutely correct, but after the comma is a fantasy.
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    More ways to work around, soften or even negate the effects of an economic collapse should it occur. Here are a few ideas.

    Off the Grid News

    Urban Farming

    Vertical farming in an urban space


    Guns and gold are fine but in the end they will only get you so far as the ammo and gold will run out. Develop skills and concepts that are self sustaining as not only can they be an economic benefit now but even if not needed from the balloon not going up, they can be rewarding and fun too.

    You think the Amish or Mennonites for example are worried about an economic collapse? Do you think the Amish or Mennonites are worried about jobs going overseas or do they fret over going to a job and having to deal with say an abusive management team or structure? Are they in a better position to say the heck with such crap and walk away? Are they thus in a better bargaining position to pick and choose when it comes to jobs for example because in many respects the basics of life are already taken care of? What would happen if a Teamster workforce had that much bargaining power come contract time or if the labor movement in general had that? You think there would be a 1% then? Would there even be a risk of collapse to begin with?
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    Don't forget that under government guidelines if you keep more than 7 days worth of food on hand you could be classified as a potential terrorist.
  19. moreluck

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    Or a good Mormon!
  20. Baba gounj

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    a good Mormon always keeps a year's supply handy.