Is exceeding the posted speed limit really worth it ?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by franknitty, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. franknitty

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    A fairly new courier at my station was pulled over by law enforcement 2 weeks for being clocked driving 55 mph in a 35. Last nite in the break room she's bragging and literally making a jokes about this. She was witnessed pulled over by another employee who was on vacation. The officer let her off with a warning for some strange reason, but to brag and joke about with other couriers was sheer stupidity, and to mention the facts that she never mention the verbal warning to management.

    Is speeding to pickup, deliver, or RTB really worth it ? NO !
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Law enforcement generally tends to give us a break due to our profession so to be pulled over she really had to be speeding.

    It sounds as though it may have been best had she been ticketed--it would have been a wake-up call for her.
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    So right, law enforcement does give us a break, even off the job. Last time I was pulled over for speeding (55 in a 45) in my personal vehicle, the sherriff asked if I use my CDL for work. I answered yes, he asked for what company, I said Fedex. He then said he'll let me off with a verbal warning so I wouldn't get in trouble at work. Very nice of him. I never knowingly speed while working though, just not worth the hassle if I got pulled over or got in an accident because of it.
  4. rod

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    I don't hurt to be a good looking woman if you are pulled over (by a male cop). Thats alls I'm saying.
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    Speeding, driving dangerously, or other wise breaking traffic laws is not only dangerous but can get you disqualified to drive. Alot of managers may encourage you to drive fast but you (or the person you run into) will ultimately pay the price. Use good methods, don't try to make up time by fast driving, If your late, change your plans to service the customer's that will close and do the later ones after that. Basic stuff. If your manager doesn't like it screw 'em.

    Remember you are a professional.
  6. SmithBarney

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    I like when Dispatch tells me to pick up the pace, I then ask if they are willing to pay the speeding ticket...

    BTW Speeding 10+ and you are gone.(at least that's what I've been told)
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    55 in a 35? Ticket = letter. She got lucky. And yes, it was stupid to joke about it. She won't be laughing next time.