Is it Pay+1/2 for Seasonal on Blk Friday + Saturdays

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    So, YES I have gone to my FT Sup and Seasonal guy but here is the issue

    Last week, I noticed a big pay discrepancy as I was not paid for the +1/2 on Black Friday hours nor was I paid at all for Saturday of that week. I get DD, so on last Friday, I went in with a paper listing my hours as recorded and they said they saw the discrepancy and that I'll get a check for the missing amount on Tuesday.

    I go in Tuesday and get told it's going to be on my DD Thursday.

    I just log-in and now see all they gave me was 3hours at a standard hourly rate for the 11/25 Saturday.

    As I see it, I'm owned 5hurs of the 1/2 pay on Black Friday, an extra 3x 1/2 pay for that Saturday, and an hour I was stiffed my first week there. All in all, just over $50.

    I really, really, really hate confrontation and hate nagging and hate having to bring this up again. I just want to make sure that I am in the right, right? On this paycheck, I got time+1/2 for Saturday 12/1 so I should've gotten that for the first Saturday I worked.. but I'm willing to let that just go if I'm wrong about Black Friday which is why I'm here. Am I wrong about Black Friday? Do seasonal employees get time and a half or just time for that day?
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  2. Seasonals do not get holiday pay.
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  3. jaxpax

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    okay thanks. This makes it the seventh time then that I've been lied to about how much I get paid. both my trainer the first week told me we got time+1/2 on black friday, saturdays, and ove 5h and when I brought up the paycheck the first time, it was agreed that I got stiffed. it's insane that i can't get a straight answer. thank you.
  4. midwestUPSER269

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    I wasn't paid correctly either on Black Friday...smh
  5. Indecisi0n

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    They will make it up to you next Black Friday.
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  7. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Imagine that.....UPS lying to seasonal employees
  8. Brownsocks

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    You aren't eligible for double time day after, so I would think it would be ot after 8.
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    We have helpers coming in wearing street clothes and full beards , SHAME ON YOU UPS
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    i had a full beard and pony tail driver helping once upon a time.. i was very seekish..
  11. MECH-lift

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    strike strike strike!
  12. Two Tokes

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    Yep Imagine That
    This Company makes Millions each year off pay eff ups
  13. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    I had a full beard when I worked.
    Had a Dr note.
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    I prefer Pepperoni
  16. MECH-lift

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  17. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Shaving irritation is a real hardship.
    Seemed to go away when I retired.
    I was one of the pioneers of getting a Dr note to avoid shaving around the year 2000 plus 10.
  18. jaxpax

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    yes. exactly this. it's incredible the payment jiujitsu this company goes through just to screw out some temp workers of $30/60.

    In any case, I did end up bringing this up b/c a bunch of other people had pay discrepancies. So I went to HR, the one person who previously set the record straight about another payment lie, and they did the math and finally stated that the reason why I didn't get the first sat +1/2? Because I didn't work six days in a row...

    no one, not one person has mentioned this six-day then time+1/2 for seasonal out of the three, five people I spoke to about this. just another fun fact at the good ole ups payment department.

    so, let's go over all the straight-up lies I've been told

    applied under the banner of one amount
    was called and told I'd get that amount-.50
    I think fine, it's a temp job, but then first paycheck comes and I get applied amount -.62
    first week trainer says we'll actually be getting $13/h
    later in the week, oh, wait no we'll get backpay check for $13/h
    HR person, when asked point blank about backpay, says no seasonal or anyone hired after x oct date gets backpay
    trainer says ill get time+1/2 for black friday and all saturdays
    oh wait, nope, not black friday and not that saturday b/c of this jiujitsu six-day thing

    The thing is, I would have been fine with all of this if they had just told me from the get-go. But no, it's like they know they're going to lose so many people and so they just throw out all these lies and likely figure half the people will be gone before it'll really matter and the other half won't inspect every check and challenge them on said lies.

    In any case, I genuinely like working here. I have a day job that requires me to do a lot of thinking and staring at screens and so I like having a physical job that earns me some extra cash. And I think I'm good at it, or at least have been told that. But I hate that it's too much to just to have someone be honest about what I'm making and when so I don't expect something else.