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    to get hired in full time(or even PT) if your hired as a seasonal helper? I know there are a lot of people layed off right now and it seems a lot of people don't particularly care for seasonal helpers hired off the street but if you are a helper that shows up early, works at a fast pace(all day), and picks things up quickly, can it happen? Any advice?
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    Use the search button. you will find lots of advice.
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    Yeah, it's possible, but with the economy in the tank and the talk of layoffs at UPS, I would say it's not probable.
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    If you work hard then you will get on eventually as PT if you want to. However, it is extremely rare that anyone off the street is hired on full time. I think my center has had one in the last 15 years go from street to full time.
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    Oh, come on now.......It was funny.
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    LOL and so was my response!:happy-very:
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    The OP is in Ohio.

    Won't there be a buttload of DHL people looking for work there????

    Good luck with that.

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    To answer your question.....

    We have had several helpers ask for PT work. With the usual PT turnover, they usually show up on one of the shifts by late January....


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    The last 7 driver helpers I have had asked me the same question. I even offered them to have me down as a reference. Never saw any of them again.