Is it stealing time to ask for the Atlanta phone number

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  1. A driver was given a warning letter today because he asked for the Atlanta phone number to call under the open door policy.
    The division manager wrote him up for stealing time because he asked on the clock. What do you think?
  2. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    I call BS.

    Or omission of the part where he spent 30 minutes of company time talking to a co-worker about how much he hates his job, then at the end asking a manager for the number.

    Or something that will be easily turned around at a union hearing.
  3. hoser

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    Come to think of it, a lot is missing. This is likely the OP's side:
    guy: "Hey what a hard day of work I put in. I love UPS and I ended the day with everything on time, got signatures on all pieces and have no re-attempts for tomorrow. I need to talk to you badly, I just got back 180 seconds ago and I just completed my post-trip and now I'm about to clock out so I can do my post-trip stretches, but I guess there's no harm spending a minute of company time talking to my favorite boss? I have a concern about my experience with Brown, I'm wondering if you have the UPS open-door number on hand?"
    manager: "Why are you asking this to me on company time? I drink the blood of two kittens every morning, run a cash sports pool amongst co-workers, and I am having conjugal relations with my manager. Don't call that number, you have no right to do so. Hail satan"
    guy: "Oh, I apologize, I didn't mean to step on anyone's feet! I'll punch out right now on my DIA.."
    manager: "TOO LATE!! YOU'RE WRITTEN UP. Next time, you'll be going home and telling your children there aren't going to be any gifts under the tree this christmas"
    guy: "But I'm Jewish!"
    manager: "Whatever, go back to Mecca or wherever"
    guy: "Jerusalem?"
    manager: "You're on thin ice, scumbag"
    guy: "Aw shucks, I'm sorry boss, I promise I'll never wrong you again!"

    This is likely the manager's side:
    guy: "*burp* this company sucks, i know how to run this ship a lot better than you ever can. i'm so happy this day is over. bla bla bla"
    manager: "i have bosses too, ya know"
    guy: "screw this ****e, you're a dick, what's the number for the open door policy"
    manager: "here, you go.... oh crap, it's 9 o'clock, i gotta get on the sort, do you have anything else to do?"
    guy: "*fart*, no, i'm going to talk to my co-workers about how much i hate this company" hour later
    manager: "why the hell did he clock out at 9:40?"
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    Hoser-I like your style,you make me happy I am retired,I consider you a good friend.Thank You Dave:thumbup1:
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    Hoser-I like your style,you make me glad Im retired,keep posting friend,Thank You Dave:thumbup1:
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    Sorry about the double post,dont get old:thumbup1:

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

    Man that was a good post!:thumbup1:
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    I hope he relates that story to the Corporate Ethics hotline.
  9. toonertoo

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    Why would you ask, just do it. It is easy to find, you dont ask your boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asking is like a threat, doing it is constructive.
  10. tieguy

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    outrageously funny :thumbup1:

    The divison manager who fires someone for asking for the 1800 number if true would be an idiot. The sad thing is I can't say for sure it did not happen.
  11. Gman24

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    We once had a center manager threaten to FIRE anyone for giving out the Corporate phone number to anyone. NO questions asked.
    We had a few to give it out just for spite, and there were a few complaints called in on the center (most of them were for late delivery times)

    No one was fired but, the PCMs were interesting for a few days. LOL!!!
  12. 25yrvet

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    We've never had access to a Corp/Atlanta phone # at our center.
  13. DS

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    Newly assigned center managers tend to be aggressive towards people that disagree with them.They try to exude extreme executive power in an effort to weed out the bad seeds.It doesn`t work that way.They soon either get "promoted" or fired .And the poor bastards that got fired for driving with thier bulkhead open,(or not doing a pre trip)all get thier jobs back.
  14. trickpony1

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    I believe the corporate "hotline" number is:1-800-220-4126
    I have it in my speed dial on my cell phone in case anyone that I work with needs it.
    If you call corp and wish to remain "anon", simply dial *67 and then the 1-800 number, I believe that will jam their caller ID.

  15. wornoutupser

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    I was accused several years ago of giving a customer the Atlanta phone number.
    Our center manager at the time cussed out and then threw out a customer that brough in a package late to send out......
    The customer wanted revenge and another driver gave her the phone number to call. After 4 written letters to correct gramatical mistakes, the customer accepted the center manager's apology.
    Everyone knew that I had the number and the center manager thought that I had given it out. It was more fun to keep my mouth shut and enjoy!
  16. How did you know that it is a newly promoted center manager?
  17. UPSBOI

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    If you look carefully you can find the ATLAS directory on You would be surprised who is listed in there!:w00t:
  18. hoser

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    someone should have written it on his door, on the wall, on pieces of paper everywhere...