Is July 5th a holiday

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    Does anyone know if we are getting Monday July 5 2010 off in observance of 4th of July, I ask my sup, he inform me that UPS has not decided if we will get the day off, but I look in the ups calendar and it says July 5 will be a ups holiday.

    I told him about the calender and he told me not to plan on getting the day off, that ups can change their mind.
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    no we are working. very light day a lot of runs cut..
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    saturday you get paid for it. sunday you get monday off.
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    In the US Monday July 5th is off.

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    So, it is safe to make vacation plans
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    At least for Sunday and Monday. I know a while ago there was someone saying they were being forced to work on a Saturday. I don't know how that turned out.
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    I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy....born on the 5th of July.......I don't think so !!

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    Saturday will not matter to me, I have the week before the 4th off.
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    Blizzard has it right. Last year it was on a Saturday and we worked and got paid the extra day on Saturday. Why we worked is beyond my comprehesion, because all businesses were closed. I actually was directed to run an air route after the 2 routes I did with light volume. I picked up letter boxes until 8pm. I got 1 package out of about 17 letter boxes. Mind you, I didn't mind the $44 per hour for 3 hours to get 1 package, but I have to question management's incentive for staying open so late. Everyone of the Fed-ex boxes noted that all pick-ups would be made by 5 pm on July 3 (why didn't UPS do this and save a ton of money?).

    This would be the sensible thing to do, no? I would even go so far as to close them at noon. Here I am on July 3, 2009 sitting at a letter box that can't be scanned or picked up until 20:00 making $44/hour. There is not a soul around. There hasn't been for the last 4 hours. Everyone is at cook-outs or whatever. Nobody is doing business for the day, never mind at 8PM, yet UPS wants me there to pick up the letter box. It would be the equal of running this operation on July 4th or Labor day.

    Its great to know we go above and beyond, but when there is nobody to go above and beyond for, we need to give it a rest. No?

    As an hourlie I made out like a bandit this day, but as a stock holder I don't feel as well.

    Thankfully by law UPS will have to shut down July 5, 2010 because the 4th is on a Sunday, because if not I'm sure UPS would choose to operate as it did on July 3rd 2009.
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    I don't think there is any "law" that says UPS must shut down July 5th. I could be wrong. How about it Irwin?

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    Why are you working on a UPS holiday?

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    Not law because UPS cannot directly make laws but policy yes. Like blizzard said if the holiday falls on Sunday then monday is off.
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    since when is july 5th a holiday?
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    jimstud will pretty lonely on the 5th.
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    Its not a holiday, read your contract everyone it could vary from local to local. As it has been said already, if a holiday falls on a Saturday we get paid the holiday. If it falls on a Sunday it is observed on Monday.

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    Red I dont think this one varies by area, I think Jim will has the only contract that says he has to work this year.
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    UPS calendar - July 5th - NO SERVICE AVAILABLE
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    you better tell that to my center and division manager because they both said we are working july 5th
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    Depends on where you're going.

    Since July 4th is on a Sunday.