Is ll bean finally slipping away from fedex.

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    I know that ll bean seems to be the holy grail of accounts for fedex, there has been many discussions about this on brown cafe. All ll bean catalogues use to have fedex logos throughout, including the front pages. Now the post office seems to deliver most of it and I had 5 boxes the other day for llbean home....I guess it would kinda be like pottery barn for ll bean brand. I think fedex still has some express volume from them but thats about it. I wonder what happen to the rep of fedex with bean. Not that I dont mind taking an account away from them, its nice when we get one from them, especially with them always undercutting us. Any upsers from maine, on here???
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    I'm in one of the least populated areas of the country. Fed ex ground beef HATES delivering out of the city limits here--they leave their crap at the gas station and THEN call the cust telling them what they did, hopefully noone is home & they can leave a message on the machine. There were alot of Pampered Chef dist upset when they went to fdx ground beef for this reason.
    For the past couple of years we have del LL Bean's stuff to the super rural parts of our routes. Makes me wonder about two theories: the cust specifies us because we del to the address(not the gas station) or FDX tells LL bean to ship the super rural addresses with a competitor since they don't want to lose $ on a del.
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    the items I delivered were nowhere near rural....:confused:1:confused:1
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    I deliver some LL Bean from time to time. I'm also beginning to see some Dell boxes back in the building, although not on my route. I wonder if this has to do with over-capacity, Fedex not being able to handle too much work?
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    ya i have been seeing more and more dell boxes come through the hub up here in buffalo so, just maybe lol
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    For the past fifteen months I have been picking up hammocks sold by LL Bean and shipped directly from the manufacturing warehouse. These boxes say LL Bean as a return address. FedEx ground and express also pickup at this account. Don't know what this says about contracts Bean has with UPS and FedEx, but I'm glad we're getting the business and not FedEx.
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    We have * bailed them out on areas FDX could't handle. Contract is coming up hopefully, we will win a substantial piece of the business.
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    I know that when you place an order with LL Bean you can request UPS shipping. But, they will tell you that it will take two weeks to get your order. JMO I would rather wait than to have Fed-X come to my door and the order shows up with-in 4 days with UPS service.
  9. over9five

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    Ms, you can request UPS when you call, right? Can you request UPS if you order online?
  10. Ms Spoken

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    Yes you can request UPS but, I'm not for sure if you can on-line. I'm getting ready to order a backpack from them so I will just call the 800# to insure they will use UPS.
    BTW nice eye ball, much better than the huge walking feet. :w00t: