Is order of break based on seniority ?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Erv, Jan 20, 2020.

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    I just got moved to Goodyear hub in Goodyear arizona coming from the Phoenix hub and people with less seniority than me took break before me and I confronted my supervisor about it and he said they give break depending on availability which makes no sense to me because whenever we ran through break at the old hub they would give break in order of seniority
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    I tend to agree with you, but you have to work as directed. Do what they say, grieve it, and find out if that's how it's supposed to work there as well.
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    that’s all ya got to bitch about
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  4. 542thruNthru

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    Screenshot_20200120-203114_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
    Nothing about giving by seniority.
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    Just be grateful you got a transfer
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    Inside breaks are based on the operational needs, not seniority.

    When I was on preload the entire building shutdown for 10 minutes, but the night hub sorts take their breaks at different times
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  8. Covemastah

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    Go take a twenty minute dump
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    I always took my breaks 5 minutes into start time.
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    I've always been a stickler about it in my area. You should have something between the union and the state for when the breaks and lunches are to be taken (not too early or late). You don't get a choice beyond that unless it appears retaliatory in nature. It is common practice most everywhere for PT breaks to be taken roughly halfway through the sort. In reality they tend to err towards the end of the first 1/3 since overtime is always unexpected.

    Both PT and FT can file for time paid when a lunch break was mandated too early.
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    And that way the Hub can start cutting people early (before their 3 1/2 hour guarantee) without there being a violation. Always people wanting to leave early.
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    Arizona is a right to work state. And they don't have to give you a break technically. They will often stagger breaks when it is available. Your seniority will allow you to leave early before a employee with less seniority If they are overstaffed. They will add your break to your timecard if you don't take it. With a extra 5 minutes if you work over six hours.
  13. PT Car Washer

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    What does working in a RTW state have to do with a paid break?
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    I almost asked him the same thing. Then I realized he jumped to his rider language after that.