Is there any interest in a Brown cafe diet challenge for the new year?

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by 407steward, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Anonymous 10

    Anonymous 10 Guest

    Let me know. It would obviously be on the honor system but this could be a positive healthy feel good thing for our brown cafe family. What do you think???
  2. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    I have no weight to lose.
  3. faded jeans

    faded jeans just a member

    How about some to share? Did I say that out loud?
  4. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    About 120.
  5. faded jeans

    faded jeans just a member

    I have crunched the numbers and that would be............. all of you!
    Oh my!:blushing2::blushing2::blushing2:
  6. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

  7. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    At 6' and 165 lbs I will pass on the diet challenge.

    To quote Bob Seger--"I was a little too tall, coulda used a few pounds."
  8. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    At 6'1 and 250 I started back to the gym a little over a month ago. Haven't lost much weight, but at 43 years old, damn if I don't feel like I could get on a junior college football team and play middle line backer again. I am equally certain that feeling would evaporate with the first solid contact. :)
  9. ajblakejr

    ajblakejr Age quod agis

    I am thinking of going Gluten Free.
    I am only thinking of this because I have seen positive results in other people like me.
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  10. texan

    texan Well-Known Member

    Can not hurt. All of us need to try and make positive changes.

  11. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I certainly don't need to lose anything.

  12. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe the 60 pound baby and the placenta, nothing more though.
  13. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    This peak was murder on my running once the 11+ hours days started piling up. This past work week I only ran on Tuesday, every other day I opted to sleep in instead. I also wound up eating dinner on route quite a bit so I got off my regular diet plan. Now that it's over I'm looking forward to getting everything back on track.
  14. faded jeans

    faded jeans just a member

    There is no one else like you! And I mean that in a very favorable way.
  15. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    I am poised to have the feast of the fishes ( small version) tonight with lobstah with butter and fried shrimp and steak fries....

    ......then tomorrow the whole turkey dinner...stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, noodles, ......

    ......AND I know that under the tree there is a one pound box Fannie May custom order chocolates....all caramels (because I ordered them myself).

    You're asking for me to go on a diet ?? WTF ???
  16. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    Nobody ordered chocolates for you? Fascinating.
  17. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    I'm not suppose to have any sugar.....Type II Diabetes...............but once a yr. I need to rebel !! So, I have to do it myself. Hammer's not an enabler.
  18. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    LOL! Is Hammer you husband?!
  19. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I weighed the same for 25 years at UPS then I quit smoking and put on 25 lbs. I've tried a couple of times to get back down there but have came to the conclusion that as long as I stay where I have been for the last 20 years I'm happy
  20. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    Yes, because somebody doesn't like the word "hubby" when I use it.