Is There Too Much Info Available Here for Outsiders???

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    I have begun to ask myself that question more and more here lately. I am interested in what the rest of you think. Do we take a minute to think about our response before we "help" someone? It seems there has been an influx of first time anonymous posters here asking for info regarding UPS policies, procedures, salary info, etc.

    Some recent posts have asked for salary info as well as ways to possibly fraudulently create a tracking number without shipping a package. A well intentioned member will usually rapidly post a response to most inquiries. Is this a good thing?

    I think sometimes these anonymous questions would be best left unanswered here. I see nothing wrong with a response directing them to UPS for their answers. A lot of their "questions" can be googled for answers and that makes me suspicious of their intentions by asking them here. There is no reason for a "new employee" to have to ask a driver salary question here. All of that information is given to them and available at their request from HR. So why do members here instantly post our annual salary info for them? I prefer my salary info to be as private as possible. And why give detailed shipping procedure information to someone here? They can have all of their questions answered by UPS.

    The Brown Cafe is a fantastic place for us to share ideas, stories, and other work related items. I mean we are all in this together. I think that we need to think before we post anything here. Especially when it is a response to a brand new member, who's first post is a question about something similar to those I mentioned above. I am not saying not to offer help, only to take a minute and think about it before you do. What do you think?
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    I don't see any problems with posting pay rates, usually the person asking is thinking about applying for a job and just surfing the net looking for answers. They don't know the correct place to look, like the IBT NMA Contract or don't have access to UPS HR yet. Hourly employees are paid about the same, the pay rates are public knowledge if you know where to ask or look.

    What troubles me is people posting about a recent accident. There is too much info that could possibly be used by a defense attorney filing a lawsuit against UPS or the UPS employee themselves. Like the recent one in Florida. There was a lot of posts regarding the tractor and a possible mechanical problem leading to it. None of us were sitting in that tractor and we don't know exactly what happened. A lot of speculation "that an axle broke" without knowing any real facts. That needs to be left to the experts who are investigating this accident, not some rumor that is getting passed around.
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    I don't think an attorney can enter a copy of a Brown Cafe post as "Exhibit A". I suppose it could give him the idea to inspect the truck, but wouldn't he have that done anyhow?

    Anyone that reads any type of forum knows that 37% of posts are lies, 37% are guesses, and the other 37% are unintelligible.
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    And 111% of some people don`t know percentages.
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    But by presenting it in this way , cachsux, he made his point. Over9five is a wise teacher who presents his teachings in a humorous fashion. We should feel lucky to have him.
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    Kneel before cachsux, All hail cachsux. :peaceful:

    There is proprietary information on here I am surprised Big Brown lets get by. However, I think they may use this site too to get information and gauge certain things.
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    +1....Good post

    You should always apply this philosophy not only here, but in everyday life situations, whether it's posting on forums, political soundbites, inquiries by strangers, important decisions, etc...Knee jerk reactions and gut feelings are formulas that can lead into unintended consequenses. Ask questions, get facts....
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    You are 111% correct!:wink2:
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    You will be very surprised on the type of information that is revealed when the discovery process starts.
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    Best Demonstrated - 110%
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    So sorry , Sensei.
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    Anyone can make a label on however unless a package gets picked up and scanned into the system UPS isn't going to pay a claim.

    Last time I check my union book didn't say classified.
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    I think people are still jived by that google story about UPS drivers retiring and all the money you could make from it.

    Random searches on the net brought me here, so why not sign up and ask. Well, theres a ton of other people wondering the same thing.

    When I first signed up, there was 3-4 people asking a ton of questions about driving. And I am sure every crowd has those people. Btw, those people in my group never showed after awhile of prelems (of ups interviews and so on).

    A certain saying should be said to these people right off " You might be interested in driving, but you will be waiting a long, long long time before you can get it". I knew that from the start from doing research and listening to my father.

    Hearing those types talking like they would drive the next day, only made me laugh inside that much harder.
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    I would think that in this situation that all those questions would have been answered by any sup,mechanic or employee in that center that most likely would have been deposed by the opposing attorney long before it ever got to here.