is UPS worth it??

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  1. hey, i wanted to know your guy's opinions about the package handling job, does the union take a big chunk out of your check? i mean 150 a week, 4 hours a day....isnt that only like 30 dollars a day?is 30 bucks worth the back pains? right now im working stock at a retail store so i know how it is to unload huge trailers filled with thousands of boxes. please give your two cents, thanks for any replys
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    I wouldn`t do it ...unless I was a young buck or doe that was planning on making UPS a career ,or just for beer money while
    UPS pays for your education.
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    Careful, UPS doesn't offer college money everywhere.
  4. paid college is good, but beer money isnt enough to live on. is there anymore pros to the package handling business?
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    The money is not worth it.But if you need benefits then yes. You can make about the same pouring coffee but probably no benefits. And no flexible schedule,you're stuck 5 days a week,but no weekends.
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    Unloading UPS trailers is much easier than unloading retail trailers. UPS has conveyor belts that extent into the trailer, all you do is throw the boxes on there. When I worked at Target, all boxes had to be pushed down the conveyor rollers manually! Its a good part time job really, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty.
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    moreluck golden ticket member throw??? Better not be my package from Waterford!
  8. hmm yeah the conveyers we use are the manual ones and they suck. hmmm i dont know, my job right now pays 7.25 and im only an on call associate so i work more hours some weeks than others. how much percentage-wise does the union/taxes take out of your paycheck?
  9. just half-ass it like the majority of the people do. what's the worst that can happen? you get fired? it's only United Pot Smokers.
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    If your workin part time why do you need protection ? Especially for $8-$8.50 an hour ? Just doesn`t make sense. You are not in the pension with teamsters until 10 + years.
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    It's worth it to get into UPS, if for no other reason than that you get started on a pension. You may not stay with Big Brown, but in many states you are vested in the pension after only 5 years. Not that it will be worth very much for quite a while, but you can't start too early thinking about the future. And if you do stay, $8-8.50 is onlya start. And it is hoped that UPS will learn something from the high turnover that has plagued them in certain areas, and up their starting rate with the next contract.