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    i'm a driver in mississippi. i was rear ended on may 2nd. went to company doctor on may 3rd. of course he said nothing wrong go back to work. worked 3 days symptoms ,neck pain,back pain,numbness in left arm and hand,severe shaking and weakness got worse. haven't worked since may 6th. person who hit me didn't have insurance, so now i'm drawing workers comp($427/wk) and about to go bankrupt. ups doesn't have anything on there insurance to help with lost wages or pain and suffering. wondering if anyone else has experianced same treatment and if there is anything i can do to get more money. still dont know what's wrong or how long i'll be off.
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    What did your attorney say?
  3. menotyou

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    Welcome to my club.
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    You still do not know what is wrong medically? I wish you the best with returning to good health.
  5. UnsurePost

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    You shouldn't go bankrupt on workmans comp. It pays 75%. Hope you get better soon!
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    Comp varies from state to state--when I was on comp a few years ago it was $400/week.

    Did you go to another doctor for a second opinion?

    This is exactly why I am an advocate of supplemental health insurance (Aflac/Combined).
  7. UnsurePost

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    Ah, that makes sense.
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    I'm no Dr. but it sure sounds like you have a herniated disc in your neck. Check any paperwork that was sent to you for phone numbers for your state call with questions. Also call an attorney for back up they always know more than we can find out. As far as supplemental insurance I was always one of those young guys years ago who said "I'll never get hurt"! Now after a few injuries and years later there isn't an insurance company out there that would touch me with a 10 foot pole(or overpriced premiums). But it is great advice, unfortunately it's always after the injury has occurred that people think about it. Good luck.
  9. menotyou

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    I agree with Johney. Those were some of my symptoms. But, mine came from repetitive motion.(Scanning alone for weeks with two people in feeder and many other things)

    No, you can't get more money unless, like Upstate was so wise to do, you have supplemental ins. Once you accept comp, you can't sue the company. Again, I HATE comp.
  10. Jones

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    Virginia currently pays 66% of your pretax income up to a max of $885.00 per week. As long as you've been coming to work every day, you'll get the max. I feel for the OP, $427.00 per week is a huge hit.
    Where we get hammered is short term disability, all you get is about $230.00 per week from the union. If you get hurt off the job you better have some kind of supplemental insurance or you'll be living on ramen noodles.
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    attorney said wait and see if there is permanent damage. i have appointment with neurologist june 30.
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    I always say find out what's wrong first, the job will be there for you.Your health comes first. Get a second and third opionion, if you have to. good luck, I hope it works out for you.
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    Take vacation pay, whatever you need to, until you can get back. Live on ramen noodles as Jones says. I was 0ff 6 wks, and really could not live on the 273.00 I got from std. My doctor wanted me off longer. If?when you are the sole income earner, you are sometimes forced to work in pain. Luckily I had nothing like a bad disc. ( I hope)
    I sold a bunch of stuff on ebay, and I let everything slide. Except house, and utilities. We make good money, and people cannot believe some of us live paycheck to paycheck. I at one time had a great rainy day fund where 6 wks off was a walk in the park. Even with our great bennies, that can disappear in a hurry, when you have a major illness or accident.
    So tighen up on everything, sell anything you can, and give yourself the chance to heal. Go belly up if you have to you can always rebuild your credit, worst case scenario. You cannot always rebuild YOU.
  14. dilligaf

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    Tooner, you couldn't have said it any better. I couldn't agree with you more. I understand what you are saying. We are struggling to get caught back up because of the amount of layoff that I've had the first half of this year. And I'm supposed to be on layoff next week. I'm hoping that my sup will change that. I thought for sure that I had enough seniority that I wouldn't be affected by the layoffs. Was I wrong!!! Seven or eight weeks is a killer. It's a huge chunk of change. I did get in some pt work but it wasn't nearly enough.
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    It is interesting to see what workman's comp is from state to state. If I am not mistaken in my state it maxes out at $285 a week. Its so pitiful that some package car drivers got together and started their own supplemental income insurance pool where the drivers involved pay a yearly premium and if they can't work it pays like $100 a week. Its not much, but when your looking at losing two thirds of your income its better than nothing.
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    We have that down here.
    A feeder driver started a fund about 20 years ago and the funds are collected in a credit union account.
    The dues are $33.00 a month. This fund will pay out for six months and insures that the driver brings home $600.00 a week. Any work comp or disability amount you receive are deducted from the $600.00 and the remainder is paid by the fund.
    It works great and really helped me out when I was off 10 weeks for cancer surgery.

  17. Johney

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    That's a great idea except it wouldn't work to well here as it seems we have the same drivers who are on comp alot where some are never out. So a few would be paying while a few would be draining said account. Does that make sense?
  18. Box

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    "Hello, Mr. Attorney. It's been 35 years, and it still hurts. Can we call it 'permanent' yet?"
  19. hellfire

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    does anyone still offer it to UPS Delivery drivers???
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have had Combined for as long as I have been driving (22 years).