It Is A Shame.

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    Depending on the skill or work or time employees put into their jobs...their supervisor's/leads/managers/specialist and up the chain of command work nearly twice as hard trying to push a business hindered by those who seek short term monetary gain rather then longtime company success.. Its a shame that those who try and better the company get belittled by those who snicker about the company that puts food on their table and hot water on their back.

    Employees complain so often how management is sneaky. Yet what has forced UPS management to become this way? Not honest, hard working employees who hold THEMSELVES accountable...but the few who want to drag their feet at every little corner and expect a full check because their contract says so. Well if a company loses its right to fire an employee because of lack of production or downright attitude...the company must find other means of holding an employee accountable.

    Grown men who hide behind a contract. Yet men who try and better themselves to serve the company at any expense are not respected but mocked as puppets because they no longer feel the need to serve in the trenches but as officers of the Shield.
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    While you are about to slaughtered here for posting this I do agree somewhat.

    A union can hurt a company as much as it helps the employees.
  3. Covemastah

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    So in your eyes,there are no long term loyal hard working teamsters here??? ooooooh what a can of worms you may have opened!! I have given 100 % to this place for 20 yrs like many of people here,and you sir..... how have you contributed to this fine firm other than assume all the men in Brown are stiffing you,the guy who feeds us the Company lies !!!! Yah You work twice as hard, setting up peolple for failure with un realistic ##'s and probaly sell your mothers soul to move up the ladder!!! UPS dosn't give me or any other person anything which we havn't earned!! Why don't you get off your Big butt today and go run off some stops for a driver that you probably stiffed today!!! There are a lot of hard workers on this job day and night that care and give 100 % everyday open your eyes sir!! your statement was un called for especially this time of year!! DESK JOCKEY!!!
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    IF you want to work for free at ups, that will serve the company well. But be prepared to not get much respect.

    Interesting how you start with the issues that are management, then blame it on the hourly they supervise.

    I would suggest you go back and relearn some of your people skills. That way, you can understand what you need to know about dealing with people, and not blaming others for things you see yourself forced to do wrong.

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    Strap on the beer hat. This is going to be fun.
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    Ahh to be young again.UPS is full of people that thought they could change things,make it better and do whats right. The truth is the big brown machine chews people up and shlts em out.
    True its a great provider ,I myself can't complain(but i do every chance I get) but walk 20 years in my boots then come back and tell me what a piece of crap I am......NNNNEEEXXT!
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    Hey Kid- Fess up. What happened today to get you going like that? Must have been bad.

    I think you have it backwards. I must have seen 20-30 young guys over the years that become drivers and are gung ho and bust their butts for the company only to be so taken advantage of with a ton of extra work that they get very angry and lose all desire to go all out.
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    Bend over. This is only going to hurt a little.:laughing:
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    It's just an unnecessary post...May I call you Sean Avery?

    It's an argument that leans both ways...It's an annoying subject
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    I think we all have days that we feel "chewed up and **** out" by the company...but we also have days that we're proud to be Brown.
  11. MonavieLeaker

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    Yep us grown men/women hide behind a contract....THAT UPS ALSO AGREED TOO!!! :whiteflag:
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    --And who's the decider KId ? You......Are you the white bearded man in the sky with the lighting rod staff who determines who slacks and who excels. This is not rocket science slic, your complaint falls on deaf ears. Especially during peak. Every once in a while some gung-ho salary stiff comes on this site with rhetoric such as yours and then quietly goes away.
    UPS selects management canidates :puppet: as UPS pleases and does what they want with them, but hourly position movement and job classification promotions are set in stone, too bad, deal with it. Any company you work for will have a few slackers (and that goes for mngmt also). If you don't like it, cry us a river and go work for a non-union company in the south such as Toyota or Honda. Besides protecting working conditions, wages and benefits, hourly Unions employees avoids mngmt whiners like you, who choose favorites :pet: from recieving Monica hummers. Who's hiding behind the contract now?
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    Thank goodness all managment treads with angels wings upon virgin snow. It makes it easier to spot all us union garbage.
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    It is ridiculous to paint everyone with the same brush; not all Teamsters give it their all, not all management are honest in their dealings with employees.
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    Kid I think you should go stick your fat head in a bucket of cold water! Come see me when your punk ass has worked here 30 years. I have lived the days the mgt. would sneek around to see what you were doing. I have lived the days that they used to call you in the office and want to know what happened to you the day before cause you were 1/2 hours over your standards. The same standards that they would change. I have lived the days that mgt.would put little sad faces on the back of your time card because you ran over on your standards. I have caught them shorting my hours paid by someone changing numbers so as they would look good for there boss. I can't began to count all the mgt that has walked through our door. Many of them got moved -fired or quit. For those dragging there feet maybe there might be a few but there are usually dealt with in a timely manner. I have seen mgt. against mgt. both trying to climb the ladder to sell ther soul to higher up mgt. By your posting it wouldn't surprise me to see you do the same.
    And as for the contract just like Monavieleaker stated the contract was signed by both parties. If your so called mgt. was not so devious in what they do we wouldn't need a contract but guess -cause of what you do-- we do!!! Come back in 20-30 years then we might listen.
  17. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    This is the same guy that admitted to falsifying his hours worked to make the company happy.
  18. DownsizedUPS'er

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    well, i worked for 18 years in non union positions, all along waiting to unionize. now, i am downsized/outsoutced. i didnt have a contract to protect me or help me. i sure wish i did. the union is a good thing. it protects the employees from (in ups' case) "the Big Brown machine that chews you up and #$%^ you out. i gae blood sweat and tears for 18 years, no write ups, no issues, no anything, no job.

    keep the union. protect yourselves. every superisor that works in admin now, most a/e's we all drivers and/or loaders. and part of the union. they sure were glad it was there then.
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    LOL :happy-very:

    I got your men right here, swinging.:dissapointed:
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    its funny to see 20-21 yr old p/t mangers walking around gun ho and high stepping m thinking there stuff dont stink but in the real world your only making 20,000 a