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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by muncher, Nov 29, 2003.

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    I see a lot of people bitching and crying about the union and the Pension mess, well the only thing I have to say is that it all our faults. The 300,000 people working at UPS are THE UNION! not Hoffa, Hall or any one runnig the pension fund. Those people only represent you and me, they work for us. If you really want change then start getting involed, call those officals and voice your opinion, demand change, get petitions started. We have the previlge of voting for our union officals, if they don't do as promised, or you feel they are not looking out for your best interests vote there ass out of there and get someone who is looking out for you. Changes will only be made when the UNION, the workers, demand it of UPS and the officals running the Teamsters.
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    muncher, I agree with you 1000%. Those big wigs, have forgotten who voted them in. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. You see when the STRIKE fund deal came about a couple years back, I was very --ssed! I wrote the union a nice little letter and received NO RESPONSE whatsoever. I was mad about them not letting it's members, which are supposed to be the UNION, VOTE THEMSELVES instead of some so called "board" vote on it. If it had went thru that way then I would have been all for it. I tried to get a petition started and it went nowhere, because no one wanted to get involved. So you are right it is partly our fault. I have a feeling this one is going to get nasty before it's over with. If it means the downfall of the TEAMSTERS then so be it.
  3. Hey Muncher......congradulations, you win.Thats probably the best post so far in all this pension mess.Getting everyone together is a problem, otherwise we would not be in this mess...
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    WOW, I cant agree that I agree with the Muncher.
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    In my experience, there is a minority who really cares about the issues, while the majority sleeps. Most people don't want to discuss real issues. The average rank-n-filer is more interested in sports news or the latest J Lo happenings. This group simply hopes the issue takes care of itself and goes away. They are afraid of rocking the boat. I think the question becomes how do you reach these people and keep them from taking the path of least resistance.
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    We should have let the company take it over when they tried. I would rather have my money managed by UPS than the Teamsters. The pension is such a mess now that the company (or anybody) will not touch it
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    The majority of the drivers at UPS are younger, maybe mid thirties. THey are really not that concerned with retirement, and they really dont look at the fine print. They still have that "i will last forever because I am indestuctable" attitude. But they do care about the insurance, because many have children etc.

    Now the part timers or the really young drivers only care about the paycheck. They have no need for insurance, nor do they worry about retirement, its too far away to worry about.

    One more thing. We are 365,000 employees, of which maybe 200-250,000 are union. THe teamsters has well over a million on the role. So while we have the largest single employer in the union, over all we are still a minority. So taking control is not that simple.

    But getting some UPS employees in higher places all accross the union board can only help. The small package division is just a small part of the whole picture. A very important but small part.

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    AMEN muncher
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    You just described me: When I was part-time, I did not want to give up the $6 per week to the Thrift Plan. I waited until I had been driving for several years. I was smart enough not to take the money and run when the Thrift Plan was converted; and I do have a tidy sum in my UPS stock IRA--approaching 6 figures. However, it could be so much more...When I was in my 30s, I was wise enough to get in the 401K as soon as UPS offered it--but I did not pay attention to the details--didn't have to, when any dummy could make double digit returns in the stock market year after year...Now I am in my late 40s, and I am paying attention--I guess better late than never!

    I believe I ran across a statement you made a while back, stating that you were surprised how different things are across the country. I agree--especially regarding the pension. I thought everyone had 30 and out w/$3000 per month...

    BTW--did I read somewhere that you were checking the status of your part-time years? I sent a request form that I received from HR, to Atlanta last summer. I just recently received a copy of a letter that Atlanta sent to Central States. It says that I have 4 years, 7 months of service credit, or 55 service credits. The letter is requesting my service detail from Central States, so I can be notified of my elegibility in the UPS pension plan. I was puzzled at first, as to why they would be contacting Central States; since the letter also states that I qualify for a UPS pension benefit at the age of 65. I just recently learned that there is supposed to be a reciprocal agreement with UPS and Central States, that would allow a driver's part-time years to count toward the 30 and out benefit. I assume that this would be the purpose of the letter--Do you know this to be true? That would put me over 30 years total; but I guess that it is a moot point now, since I could not afford to pay $1000 a month for inusurance. (In case nobody noticed, the insurance increases were effective on Nov 18th--in case anyone thought about getting out before the 1st of the year.)

    In any case, I say to the young drivers and part-timers: Get involved and pay atttention now. Maybe you can avoid some of the mistakes that I made. Also, I don't expect any grand changes to be made; but if the UPS and the union know that we are paying attention, and are united, I tend to believe that they would both sit up and take notice...