I've been hired full time, and I have some questions.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Bigbird511, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Bigbird511

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    I was originally hired as a full time package driver, and I was a bit slow so I was moved to part time, driving straight trucks. My centre manager offered me another chance at full time driving so I'm trying to think of ways to improve over last time.

    My main problems were organizing my packages and memorizing the route. Any tips and tricks you guys have for doing these would be greatly appreciated, along with any other nuggets of wisdom.

    Side note: UPS Canada doesn't have the same tech as the U.S our stops aren't loaded into our DIADS, and we use map books, no GPS.
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  2. Brownslave688

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    Organize your truck during breaks.

    Deliver your air and then take 10 min of break and organize your first couple sections. When you get done with those take more break and organize.
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    Living the dream
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    I just kinda know routes, never really memorize them. To memorize them would be too stressful. Work your bulk stops in with your air when possible. Even a resident stop, say you have a 5 pc bed/furniture stop, that you can feasibly drive by in the morning.

    Get your businesses delivered first working in any resis in between if possible. Then deliver your resi neighborhoods, if possible deliver your bulkiest neighborhood first in order to make more room for pickups.

    Before pickups slide everything forward loading yours pickups from the back forward. Have a designated spot for air pickups (I use shelf 6 or 8 for heavy pickup routes. Shelf 2 if it will just be a couple air). But keep your air together. Drop your air then bust out what’s left.
  7. Wally

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    Leave stuff at mailboxes. Hopefully, you will make book before the tracers start rolling in.
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  8. Snack

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    If you have a bulk pickup, use break time while you’re loading the package car. Use flash cards to memorize frequent addresses. Use break time to organize/setup your load. If you can’t find a package, don’t lose your :censored2:. Stay calm.
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    Drive fast, take chances. Eh
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  12. 1989

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    Complete waste of time.
  13. Heavy Package

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    Left 2 stops today at them! I leave 'em at the mailbox if I so much as hear a dog barking in the distance.
  14. Dr.Brown

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    What's a straight truck?
  15. Brisket

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    Driver follow ups.
  16. Brisket

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    You may want to watch that, here it’s NI1 and DOG in remarks and tag the mailbox IF you can get to it.
  17. DeliveryMachine

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    I got a customer complaint for doing this and was instructed I must “follow the methods!!!”
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  18. Bigbird511

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    5 ton. The last time I called it a 5 ton everyone asked me what that meant. Lol
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