Jarrett on the Pole Sunday!

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wkmac, Jun 14, 2002.

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    "And he'll be in the winners circle come Sunday afternoon"

    Looks like the UPS team is finally getting their act together. Since Miss Piggy came on board, things have improved quite rapidly. Maybe her threats to Jarrett to "Race the truck" has woke up this whole UPS team.
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    Went to the local Dirt Track for some Saturday Night Action last night and watched a UPS Supervisor I know win his Division's Feature. Bodes well for today at Michigan! Maybe? We laughed about him driving the Big Brown Truck on a dirt track and he said he'd do it if they'd let him. Haven't seen this guy in a few years so it was fun. "Way to go Catfish!"

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    I thought the it was a super move at the finish for Dale to garner second. His was the only move that gave any excitement to the fans except for the M.K. ones. Seems momentum is on our side right now.
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    Still not in the top 5 in point standings.
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    I had a chance to drive our Districts Flamed and Chromed package car Saturday night. Im a Nascar Official at a local speedway. We had the truck at our center this week for a school function. I asked my center manager if I could take it out to the speedway for a couple of pace laps Saturday night. He called the district office and they gave the green light. The 3,000 fans in attendance LOVED it! The Big Brown Truck brought the loudest cheers of the night. After the pace laps, we parked it near the concession stand and a local childrens charity took donations from fans for a photo of themselves standing next to the truck. I never envisioned having fun driving a package car on a Saturday night! LOL!
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    No but he's only 171 points out of 5th at present. DJ actually gained the most points in yesterday's race with a total of 190. 180 for 2nd place along with 10 bonus points. Matt Kenseth only gained 185 total points and he won the race.

    DJ has seen a momentum change over the last 4 or 5 races with 3 top 5's in the last 3 races alone. Last year DJ started strong but faded after the wreck in Charlotte and was never the same for the rest of the year. Doug Yates can build awesome motors and he learned from some early season motor failures and is now building more bullet proof pieces. I still think Tony Stewart will win the points or at least I'm hoping so. I love Dirt Track racing and so does Tony so he gets my support.