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    I am currently employed with UPS as a part-time package handler, and have been for about 3 years. I desperately need a full-time job, and there are none offered at my location unless you are a driver (which takes a long time to become one). I really want to stay at UPS, but only if I could work full-time. Today I saw a job posting on for a full-time warehouse associate position at a different location (since they do not offer this position at my location). I was wondering if it is difficult to get transfered from a part-time package handler to a full-time warehouse associate? Can anyone help with answers?
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    Warehouse associate sounds like a Supply Chain job. Different branch of UPS, I have no idea how that works
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    You've been at your center 3 years. You should know a few people well enough to ask around. Being here 3 years u should know the answer though too.
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    I'm going to ask. Just seems like everytime I ask them something they never know the answer, or take weeks to figure it out (by that point the position could be gone) so I thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone has had a similar experience. Also, I don't know the answer because nobody I have worked with has tried to leave for another UPS position from part-time to full-time, and the supervisors don't really share this information with us because it never comes up.
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    If it's supply chain solutions, everything is different. It's not under the same contracts as ours if they're even union at all...not sure about that. I do know it's a different ballgame though. Good luck!
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    You really need to contact HR. If it's a full-time inside job like yours, it earns the same top rate as the drivers ($32/hr, roughly)... and will likely end up going to somebody who's been with the company for many, many years. There are few of these jobs remaining, and they're very competitive. If it's a job within a different aspect of UPS, you need to speak with HR about making a change (if they'll let you do it).

    My suggestion: get a second job & stick it out, or quit and find work elsewhere.