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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Baba gounj, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Here's the first 5 people on the signup list!!:dead:
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    So explain to us, how will 1 million members of "the Resistance", resist the United States of America's will ? ....By moving to Canada and Mexico. Then, they can still call themselves great North Or maybe the resistant wants to form a militia and take up arms against the Nat'l Guard and Military they claim love ?.... please do. I don't think this country would miss a million rt wingers wiped off the face of the Earth. In fact it would be better for our envirorment and global warming as well with all that hot air gone screaming "Drill Baby Drill".

    I noticed on the application form instructions to name household members on the resistance list. Is this the norm in a rt winger's house, other family members don't have a choice or a vioce. Is that what they call freedom loving ? They can sign them up without their approval ? Will they be recruiting the young as well and warping their tiny little innocent minds like our enemies?

    I say piss on the resistance, but if it makes rt wingers feel better, and rt wingers feel the need to talk to one another for reassurance, by all means knock yourselves out. We're a free country and your 1st amendment rights shouldn't be infringed upon. But just be assured and tell your little resistance friends that this new Gov't is 50 days away from governing and it isn't going anywhere but to the Whitehouse whether this band of "Resistance" losers like or not. The people have spoken.
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    LMAO! Well with Obama's 2 divisions assigned homeland duty thanks to Bush and his democrat friends in Congress, I can see where this list will at some point come in handy. Obama can either let the 2 divisions do the rounding up of these anarchist wanna-bes or Rahn's new mandatory (read state enforced slavery) ciivilian force based on the Israeli model can pretend these are Palestinians and just gun them down in the street.


    You democrats really have a growing hypocrisy problem you know!
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    Based on the last 8 years of Governing, even you felt a tinge of mutiny with your soft spot for Kucinich. :pet: Join the club !
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    I always laughed at the Hollywood stars who would threaten to move to Canada or France or whenever if the republicans won the election for president.That was hysterical..If someone wants to move,let em move...Delta is ready when they are...I didn't vote for Obama but I will deal with it and not cry about it like the liberal bed-wetters of the last 8 years...tisk-tisk....LOL
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    Sounds like your suggestion, if the concensus of the people are critical of the standing Gov't that they should sit down and shut up ? Americans shouldn't be submissive, which is a good thing. Sort of like an un-official checks-n-balances. On the flip-side, "Country First" Americans need not apply in promoting a resistance even before their legally elected Gov't hasn't had a chance to serve them.
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    Its all part of the plan as our russian professor pointed out that being the splitting of our country into many factions. why there may even be a fractional split of fidel castro groupies led my michael moore and driving around in 57 chevys.