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    they say that ups nor the driver are at fault for this accident but in reality both are josh was always trying to prove himself to management and surpass there goals so he was running and gunning UPS and JOSH did cause this accident because we overdrive the road conditions and run substandard tires on trucks tires are legal but not safe i have learned after more than 20 years to put good tires on my own vehicle but it is a fight to get UPS to put road appropriate tires on on trucks if Josh had had studded winters all around he might have been able to stop josh has no back or head injuries he does have a concussion a broken collarbone numerous broken ribs a shattered pelvis 2 broken legs left broken arm there will be a web site going up to help josh his wife and 3 children it would be great if we all could onate 100.00 dollars to his wife carrissa to help ups is supposedly going to pay workers comp but lets see if we can all pull together and take care of our brother josh i will post more later josh has 3 young chi9ldrwen please br prepared to mail mmoney and gifts to his family check on monday as i will post an address to mail all gifts nothing is to little what rver you can afford lets take care of our brother margry a harvey ups st johnsbury vermont
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    Upstate, if you don't mind, please.
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    So you are saying Josh tried to beat the train? That was my initial reaction but I did not say anything out of respect for the family.

    Vermont will pay the comp, not UPS.

    Any word on whether he will lose his job over this?

    (Dizzee, you must have posted as I was typing.)
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Margery. It's a horrible thing that happened to Josh, but wonderful that you're trying to help his family this way. Good luck.
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    As reported by the vt state police the driver (Josh ) did try to stop the truck, but was unable and skided into the on coming train. As I know Josh, he would not try to beat a train just to make his numbers. NO one ever wins with trains. Drive save
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    Hey margeryharvey and Little Buddy,

    Welcome to the BrownCafe!!!:peaceful: