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    Mass Judge Joseph thinks she will not be going to trial for sneaking a criminal drug dealer out the back door of the Newton Court House to avoid ICE. In Mass judges are appointed, selection is done by how much given to a certain party. Mandatory retirement at age 70, salary of $184,694, but the range typically falls between $182,779 and $208,533.
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    Now this..........
    Judge charged with helping man evade agent wants salary back

    BOSTON - A Massachusetts judge indicted on charges that she helped a defendant evade an immigration enforcement agent wants her pay reinstated while she fights the allegations.

    Newton District Judge Shelley Joseph was suspended without pay last month after she was charged with helping a man who was living in the U.S. illegally to slip out a back courthouse door to avoid a waiting federal agent.

    Joseph has pleaded not guilty.

    Joseph's lawyers say in a motion filed Thursday in Massachusetts' highest court that it's unfair and unprecedented for her salary to be taken away when she has not been found to have committed any wrongdoing.

    Joseph says in an affidavit that she has already had to borrow money from friends and family for mounting legal bills and her family may be forced to sell their home.
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    Now Judge Joseph has started a Go Fund to pay her legal fees.

    The illegal that she let leave the courthouse via the back door , also had an arrest warrant for drunk driving in Penn.
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    shocked face.jpg
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    I don't understand why she has all these money problems, her husband works as a lawyer.
    And isn't taking money from people who are likely to be defendants in her courtroom an ethic issue?
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    Mass Judges pension is 80% of their salary, for life.
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    All liberal judges should be forced to be greeters at Walmart!!!
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    Had an older brother up for a judgeship, he never got it. Because he had never contributed to any politicians. In Mass judgeships can be had for as little as a couple of hundred bucks, the more you give the better your chances of getting on the gravy train are. Judges only work 35 weeks a year.
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    Judge Joseph has been indicted on Federal Charges.
    The Court Officer has retired.
    The Taxpayers of Massachusetts had footed the bill for criminal her lawyer , who claimed to be working pro bono, $124,000 usd.
    The charges read in court stated; she had the court room doors locked from inside, had the recording devices turned off ( they are never to be off while court is in session ) and had the illegal immigrant drug dealer escorted out the rear door of the Court House. He still had an open warrant issued out of Pennsylvania for Drunk Driving. Just so that a Federal Agent waiting in the halls could not arrest him.
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    SCOTUS judges pull their salary for life as well.
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    But a lot of them either die while serving or shortly after. We've had Jimmy Carter running around almost 40 years after he lost to Reagan. When's the last time you've seen a Supreme Court justice do that?
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    Because Presidents don’t serve for life.
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    There's no requirement that a Supreme Court justice serve for life though. It's a lifetime appointment, yes, but they can retire if they choose. My point was when someone said they get paid for life yes, that's true, but they are earning it as opposed to a President who at most served 8 years but gets paid very well the rest of his life.
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    And it's also why SC Justices die while or shortly after serving, and Presidents get paid for the rest of their lives.

    You asked...