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    Everything this company ownes is garbage.. I've never seen such garbage ... I hope this company starts spending some money soon... The terminals a falling apart.. All the yards have holes the size of moon craters... We got some new International trucks.. And some converter Dollys.. But not even close to what we need... The equipment is filthy .. All the Terminals are undersized for what there trying to put through them damaging freight.. Because there isent any room... There's :censored2: bunch of YRC terminals for sale.. Come on UPSF get with it... Get out of the Overnight mode and lets get busy...
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    Ditto. The CEO just got a 4 million dollar a year raise. Meanwhile, we were told last week that they are not going to fix any of our package cars that are red tagged because the cost is too high and they are not sending us any new trucks, dolleys or uniforms. We are using rentals and patching our uniforms. They won't send any new drivers to school and they have once again arbitrarily raised our SPC both of which have led to daily route cutting. Oh, and I almost forgot. We receive an * * for over 9.5 because it reduces our supervisors' chances of getting raises.
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    And you're not gonna get a turkey either !!!!!!!
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    CRAZY!!!! I was @ Yellow trans.. laid off.. But ill tell you one thing.. Our oldest equipment is better maintained than most of this new stuff...