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I was just hired on as Seasonal Package driver with UPS. My question is, how hard or easy is it to get hired onto full time Package driver after seasonal is over. Any answers or suggestions would be great. Also, what is the easiest way to memorize a route? I am going to be out of the Lenexa, KS North and was wondering if there is a certain zip code or region that you deliver to. Is there a website that has training routes or any other routes on it? Any help will do, I have my foot in the door, and want to get on full time!
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It is very hard to get hired on full time after peak. There are contractual constraints as far as the ratio of 'outside' hires to 'inside' hires. You are considered an 'outside' hire. The chances really depend on whether or not your area is a 'growth' area. If it is, you may stand a slight chance.

If you are working during peak, make sure you have study, comfortable footwear (i used Tingleys for overwear- had snow to deal with), pack a good lunch, and maybe a thermos of some nice warm soup.
Work briskly, but safely. Watch where you put your feet, slips and falls are one of the the most common injuries in the winter. Have a good flashlight. I recommend wearing a headlamp, it leaves your hands free.

Hopefully the area where you will delivering has an easy numbering system for addresses. Learn even from odd and whether the numbers jump by 5's 8's 10's or whatever. If you finish early, call in an volunteer to help others, always ask the boss if there is anything else you can do. After you finish, ask if they need help unloading the trucks.

Use your eyes and ears more than your mouth. Find out who is running things and suck up to him/her. If you don't get hired back, use your experience to try and get in at FDX or DHL, the work will be easier.

Good luck, keep us posted, and remember there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers!;)

PS- Josh, crack is probably not the best last name you can choose:eek:!


What ms. know it all really meant is it depends on your particular area of the country and she really has no idea. In some places we are hiring people off the street in others you have almost no prayer. This is one question you should probably ask the delivery center drivers and management.


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Run away from UPS as fast as you can....no further needs to be said! The pay is great, no doubt, but do you wan't to be working your rear off when you are 65 or so?