just fired..... now what?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tim100, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. tim100

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    So I go into work today and right before I punched in, get stopped and told not to punch in and go see feeder manager, get down there and was fired for " stealing time " was told that my TA times and punch out times were excessive, union steward was a joke (makes me wonder why we pay dues) what gets me is that our entire department is full of dead weight drivers, and I know I have not been working to my optimum level but I would say I am in the top quarter of productive drivers and for the most part do my job very effectively, we have a center manager who fires drivers on a regular basis, he must get some kind of power trip from it, and everytime the fired driver returns to work they slack off twice as much to make up for lost wages, I dont get this company
  2. trplnkl

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    I hope you have worn your protective gear because you are gonna get hammered.
    Reading your comments, one thing struck me kinda funny (not in a hahaha way, but a strange kinda way)
    Here is what I mean: "I know I have not been working to my optimum level but I would say I am in the top quarter of productive drivers and for the most part do my job very effectively,".
    If of all the cars on the highway were speeding and you were in the lowest 1/4 of those, would you deserve a speeding ticket as long as you don't have an accident?
    Why would you think it to be OK to slack off your performance and expect the company to not care? If you have no answers why your TA and punch out times are excessive, what do you think the company can reasonably think the problem is other than you taking more time than the job requires?
  3. UnsurePost

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    "I know I have not been working to my optiumum level"

    Congrats, hope the panel hears it. Idiot. Everyone shuold work their best, even if their not AT their best.
  4. Baba gounj

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    If I show up, then I'm at my best.
  5. Old International

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    I'll bet there is more to the tale, then the OP is telling. To get fired for something like that, you would have to be dicking around for 2-3 hours every shift. Come clean, and tell us the real reason.
  6. tieguy

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    yep , put them details on the table for all to see.
  7. Anonymous 10

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    If you have any common sense you will lose the attitude.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It doesn't sound as though this will be a concern for you any longer. Buh-bye.
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    You make $30/hr. and want to complain on here about the company firing you for admittingly screwing around on the clock? Sounds like you need to find a new employer.
  10. tim100

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    WOW didnt expect all these responses, guess I am in the wrong or I didnt come across as I wanted to, simply tried to make a point that we have alot of slackers that get away with way more "time stealing", my job can be accomplished in 5 hours, to make it 8 hours I am really dragging my feet, well lately since I have only been getting 8 hours, I stretch it out to 9.5-10 for some extra OT ( well now I am down to zero so I guess that was a bad plan), all I am saying is that we have drivers who get 12-12.5 even 13 hours a day and management does not even blink an eye, try to get 10 hours and youre stealing time, thats what I dont understand as if my paycheck was coming directly out of center manager pocket
  11. tim100

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    oh just to keep everyone posted I will probably be back to work by monday, at least thats what steward said, we'll see
  12. klein

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    Wishing you good luck, Tim !
  13. dilligaf

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    Technically your paycheck is coming out of the center manager's pocket. Each center is accountable to their own numbers and for what ever reason you ended up being a blip on the radar. What goes around comes around, eventually. For you and everyone else. It doesn't always pay to play the game.
  14. Jones

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    By your own estimate you've been sticking the company for 1.5- 2.0 hours a day. If it was your company and you found out that one of your employees was stealing $300+ a week, what would you do?
  15. rod

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    "Honesty" as in "i am not working up to my optimum level" will get you no place at UPS. UPS is structured around not being honest --- yes that goes for both management and hourly. Any company that runs on a "production vs. time format is the same. Hourly always wants to do less work for the same pay (especially as one gets a few years under their belt) and management wants just the opposite. Just telling it like it is. Yes I know their are a few oddballs that don't sucribe to this line of thinking but given the opportunity I don't know any hourly that would turn down an offer of less stops or less trucks to load or packages to sort for the same paid hours. On the other hand show me a sup or center manager that would turn down a 5 or 10 % increase in production from hourly. In the mean time situations like the OP's and on the other side of the coin, management juggling figures is just the way it goes down at UPS.
  16. Old International

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    I would take your little vacation to heart, and do the job, and go home. Nothing more, nothing less. If you get finished in 5 hours, then I would man up, and tell my supervisor so. If he doesn't care, then stay for 8, and go home.
  17. helenofcalifornia

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    Dude, you have been given a gift. Learn from this and don't work dishonestly. If the job is 5 hours, then it's five hours. You are guaranteed 8. I hope you will learn from your past mistakes and do things the right way. This really is a second life for you. When you were fired, did you think about what would be missing in your life besides that big old tractor? Like best benefits, some of the best pay, and a solid retirement? Do you have any idea what the job situation is out there??? Don't get into the "group think" way of things and do things dishonestly just because everyone else is. Second chance, dude, don't blow it.
  18. UPSGUY72

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    I don't know where to begin. You keep talking about how other driver were doing this and that to justify why you did what you did. This is why you got "fired" becasue you assumed the other drivers were dragging there feet so you decided to do it. Aren't you guaranteed 8 hrs of work a day if so there is no reason for you to be dragging your feet to turn 5 into 8 all you had to do is tell your boss you want your 8 hrs. As far as OT your not guaranteed OT so dragging your feet for out is stealing.

    You'll probably get your job back
  19. blue efficacy

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    Just remember, if UPS put an ad in the paper advertising openings for $30 to drive a truck, there would be people lined up for blocks.
  20. soberups

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    The company had already made its decision to terminate you before you walked in to that office. Your steward isnt a lawyer, and he doesnt have a Magic Shop Steward Wand that he can just wave around to make the issue miraculously disappear. Dont blame the steward for the position you find yourself in. There is a grievance process in place to resolve the issue, and you will have to let it work and run its course.

    My experiece has been that the people who bitch and moan about how much of a "joke" the union is are usually the same ones who cant be bothered to attent a unon meeting or vote for its officers. They get themselves in a bind, get fired and then blame "the uioin" fot the problems that are about to fact.