Just found/signed up to this site. Saying what's up!

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  1. New to this site and felt compelled to sign up. I've worked at UPS since 2001, not a full time driver but I tried (made a few weeks; no accident just disqualified myself). Reading some of these threads makes me kind of glad I didn't besides moneywise lol but all respect to you guys. To everyone in the midwest, happy Arctic weather haha (I'm there myself, not running my mouth or anything) Peace; happy Monday.
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    Welcome CNH and I hope you enjoy yourself on BC.
    Being a clever person, maybe you can help keep these ego-centric drivers edumucated! :innocent:
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    Heh hoaxster since your retired now does that make you educated now lol lol lol lol . welcome CNH and congrats again hoaxster.
  4. Haha I don't think I could school a long time driver. I basically just do air then hub sort. Thanks for the welcome though. I learned what it is to almost get frostbite earlier, that's about it for my day. Will try and post on here whenever I feel I have something to say. Gnight to all. Rock!
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    Care to disclose why you made the decision to disqualify yourself?
  6. Much less pressure doing air pickups and hub sort...Less money in the long run I know; but not dealing with the long hours and daily high pressure makes it worth it in my book. To each their own, nothing but respect for the guys and girls out there 11 hours every single day in all weather.
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    Well Clever, now that you have been here a couple of days, I do want to make you aware of a rule we have on BC.

    Saying what's up! is reserved for members with 60 days of posting in a 90 day calendar period.
  8. Gotcha, thanks Hoaxster. Didn't know any better.
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    dude, hoax forgot to put #sarcasm on his post...

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    Welcome to the B.C Clever,,,don't be boring,,,shake it up here, we thrive on this,,we also accept bitching,moaning lying ,and most of all,, juicy made up raunchy ,dirty sex stories !! welcome aboard sailor !! We don't tolerate Patriot haters or REDSOX haters,,enjoy !!
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    You've been hoaxed!
  13. Do these raunchy sex stories have to be work-related? Or made up? Lol. And don't worry I'm not the type to like complaining but I'm sure there will be bitching and moaning to come. Currently :censored2: over not having gotten a vacation check yet.. Used to get early January with no problem, with less seniority. WTF?