just got hired for ft driver position

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by patek, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. patek

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    :thumbup1: i filled out an online app for a full time package driver position ,was called in for an interview,then two hours later was told i got the job!,no second interview then was told to come back in three days for school
    and bring drivers licence,abstract for three years,health number,blank cheque,etc.do i have the job for sure or there going to be 10 guys going for the same position all at once.they told me in class school ,computer
    for ups then two days with working with driver and then i am on my own.:ohmy: how do you memorizes all those address ,i am worried that i will get lost and will not complete it all ,if i am full time will a get a permanent route and can keep it.i know how to use a stick but are you allowed to practice somewhere in an empty lot ,i live in an area that snows and it will soon and need to now how hard it is to drive there big brown trucks.
    are the classes all day ,i start at 10am.salary is not great it will take
    three years to get to 24 bucks an hour.dnetal does not start for a full year and health till three months
  2. Pollocknbrown

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    Did you fill out for a seasonal driver job or permanent?
  3. patek

    patek New Member

    i applied for a full time position and they told me i will get pay advances till i hit the third year and reach the top salary,the also said that my dental kicks in a year ,but i never asked them that i though i was permanent becuse of the working for three years part,can anyone answer some of my other questions thanks:confused:1
  4. Jagz

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    You were hired in a free period, which means you won't become a fulltime driver. Most likely after the holiday season, you will not have a job.

    Everything in this company is done by seniority, be it routes, vacations, and blah blah blah
  5. VTBrown

    VTBrown Member

    I call a troll...and shens.

    Just read his post. ALL the information is incorrect.

    Don't feed it.......
  6. patek

    patek New Member

    vb brown i am not a troll ,i was hired and cannot under stand why you said that,i read all the outlines to get hired and was puzzled why this happen to me like this. i just needed some advise on this,when i go to
    start the class room should i asked them if it permanent and it there a full
    sure way of finding out ,i was offer a job somewhere else and will not take it with ups if its just for the winter.will they tell your permanent and they get rid of you after the season and thanks for the great replies of helping me ,i would like to work for ups but would like to know were i stand.
  7. VTBrown

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    I called you a troll since all of your info about this is incorrect.

    IF you were hired now progression is 2.5 years and top pay is $28 give or take a few cents depending upon where you are.

    They also don't use us(drivers) to train Employee's who are in their probationary period.

    Perhaps you misunderstood everything you heard or you were bold face lied to.

    I would be willing to bet you were hired for a Full-Time SEASONAL Drivers position. Since this is the ramp up for peak.
  8. brownieboy

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    I went to full time driver this spring, and they do in fact now send you with a driver for two days. After a week in the school.
    If you are going to school MEMORIZE WORD FOR WORD the ten point commentary. The AGKLM. Etc. WORD FOR WORD! it will make you week in school a breeze.
  9. patek

    patek New Member

    brownyboy when i go for school any direction to make sure i was hired for permanent full time i always thought that because the position stated
    full time driver, if they say yes it it for sure or will they let me go after
    winter.i will not take job if its just for the winter ,i was offered second job thats permanent and would like to know ,any advise.was the driving part hard .
    some guy on this borad are rude all i did was asked some question and
    was insulted.thanks for all that helped out
  10. brownrodster

    brownrodster New Member

    What was your hire date? if it was before Oct 1 (in my region) then you are in. IF it's after oct 1 don't expect to work past december 24th.
  11. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    patek...things vary from place to place with ups and some of the responses youve been getting may explain the negativity.
    Where do you live? In Canada top rate is around $24 an hr,(you spelled check the canadian way...cheque)and
    no you cant practice in a parking lot.Its like driving a volkswagen
    beetle only bigger and browner.I was hired off the street as a FT driver 17 years ago,so it does happen.I hope you can read a map book.It sounds to me like you are in either calgary or edmonton and from what I hear they need ft drivers big time.They keep asking us to go help them here in toronto.If it does turn out you are seasonal,if you work like a bastard they may just keep you on full time anyways.Good luck and dont worry...its hard work but its better than working at Timmys.
  12. patek

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    :thumbup1:i am starting school this week ,i guess i start if i pass every thing ,can i asked them if its fulltime permanent,or will they mad,is there anyway to tell for sure.the jobs in alberta.and from what your saying it must be fulltime permanent.
  13. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    Your English leaves a lot to be desired.Try using pucntuation!?
    If I understand correctly you are asking if they will be mad if you ask them if the job is full or part time.No they will not be mad.
  14. 1989

    1989 Well-Known Member

    DS, could you correct my posts too?:lol: But use American english instead of Canadian.:wink:
  15. brownrodster

    brownrodster New Member

    Well, now that you say you are in Canada. Who freaking knows. Canadian UPS drivers are on a different contract.

    Should have said 'canada' first thing. It would have probably avoided a lot of the confusion and antagonism.
  16. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    When you were hired, your Human Resource Person(or whoever hired you)
    probably gave you their business card.. CALL THEM. don't ask a bunch of strangers on the net and expect the right answer.
  17. Sukmydiad

    Sukmydiad Iowa Hawkeye fan

    If unclear ask the manager and the union steward. Ask first thing so you are not mislead.
  18. Dirty Savage

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    Dude, I think you are probably gonna be ok if you pass your probation. When I read his post I figured right away that he/she was in Alberta and yes it is no secret that UPS Alberta is desperate for employees because, hey man, $24/hr is barely enough money to keep from starving in Alberta. Our sup is constantly asking folks around here to go to Calgary to help out. Hell, he even told me I could have a management postion or a full-time driving job in Alberta RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I looked on upsers.com the other day, under jobs, and lo and behold there were full-time driver listings for Calgary.

    So, again, if you pass your probation you can look forward to running your ass off each and every day like the rest of us.